How to Gain Confidence Fast

Confidence is an often misunderstood thing. If you are wanting to figure out how to gain confidence fast, you have landed on the right blog. I think gaining confidence just takes a clear understanding of what confidence is, and what it is not. Let’s take a serious look at confidence.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is nothing more than a feeling brought on by our thoughts. That’s right, confidence is just a feeling. Feelings as we know are just indicators of our thoughts. So, depending on what we are thinking, we will either feel confident or we will not.

But there is a little more to it. The opposite of feeling confidence is feeling insecurity and fear. As humans, we are far more comfortable saying we are not feeling confident than admitting we are feeling afraid or insecure about something.

As such, if we want to feel confident or secure, we can either reduce feelings of fear and insecurity or increase our feelings of comfort about a subject or task. This can take practice or removal of the triggers that bring with them fear.

Increase Confidence

As we have discussed to increase confidence, we need to change our thoughts about whatever is making us feel insecure or fearful. This can simply be done by removing the fear trigger, or by replacing the thought altogether. My personal favorite is the latter. I think by replacing the thought, we replace the emotion attached to it.

If you are feeling afraid to speak in front of a large group of people for instance, rather than feel unconfident, or afraid to be in front of others, begin to think instead about what you are going to be talking about. The subject matter is typically a source of interest, rather than focusing on who you are talking to, displace that thought by focusing on what you are going to be sharing with them.

This does several things; it takes the spotlight from you to the subject matter. Typically, when we become nervous about doing something, it is because we have lost focus on the task and begin to think about ourselves. We begin to think about what other people are going to be thinking about the way we look, or the way they might think we sound, or something of that nature.

People spend very little time thinking about or even noticing you exist. Nearly every person is self-conscious and thinking about themselves. So, relax, you will fly under most people’s radar most of the time. It literally takes a lot of effort to stand out in a crowd and get noticed by others in a meaningful way.

Draw Attention to Yourself on Your Terms

Have you ever noticed when others tell you that they are embarrassed or nervous, we tend to try and make them feel more comfortable? So, use that to your advantage, rather than have people notice your awkwardness and think you are just being intentionally strange. Release the nervousness and let others know you are a bit nervous about being in front of a group. They will chuckle with you and actually root for you to become comfortable so you can share your message with them. In this way, you can gain confidence fast.

Most of the time, we relate with people we think are like us, and most people do not feel confident about everything. So, if you are wondering how to gain confidence fast, here are my favorite steps to feel a boost in confidence before needing it.

The Steps:

Step 1:

Slow down, when we start to feel fearful or nervous, we tend to activate the fight or flight sympathetic nervous system. So, our pulse increases, we breathe shallower, our mouth dries up and our hands get sweaty. So slow down and take slow deep breaths. This tells your body everything is okay again.

Step 2:

Take a minute to remember a few things you are good at. Think about the last thing you won at. Recalling a win is a great way to increase the feel-good hormones in your brain, this is naturally a way to flush out the fear and replace it with secure feelings.

Step 3:

Think about the several ways you can go about doing the task you are about to undertake. Imagine them going successfully all the way to completion. Do this multiple times using several ways. This will change your belief about yourself. This will give your brain options to choose from as you get started. Plus, you will feel more confident because you will have successfully completed the task in your head more than once already. (Be sure not to waste any thought coming up with ways things could go wrong, that is what leads to fear and insecurity). Remember, confidence is just a feeling, it is an indicator of your thoughts, it’s not a warning mechanism of what might happen.

Step 4:

Take each step at a time or take one step at a time. You often know what step to do next and can confidently take that step. But as you begin to think 3,4,5 or more steps ahead, things get fuzzy and you begin to feel doubtful, this causes insecurity and fear which removes any feelings of confidence you may have had. Focus on the present, stay mindful and you can confidently take one step at a time.

I Struggled with Confidence

If you want to gain confidence fast, I know how you feel, I used to doubt myself and suffer from diminished confidence even a few years ago. Hoping my situation would change soon because I didn’t want to keep feeling doubtful forever. I would struggle to try to keep my head above water each time I was supposed to lead a meeting or get in front of others and teach.

Honestly, I felt like I would never truly feel confident. The feeling I was doomed to stay frustrated my whole life haunted me. I earned a master’s degree in Psychology but didn’t feel good enough to help others. So many of my colleagues seemed so confident and successful all around me, and while I intellectually knew they were not any more capable than me, they seemed to have more confidence and belief in themselves.

I finally decided I wanted to feel as happy as they appeared to be. Thinking, if I could find just half of the confidence and success as they did, I’d finally be happy myself. I kept doing the same things I always had, but now I had a different set of expectations. But as you can imagine, I quickly grew frustrated. The truth is, I knew that what I wanted was different results.

What I Learned

I discovered that the people who were experiencing deeper levels of success were taking responsibility for their wins and losses. They set goals and voraciously pursued them. I wanted the drive and belief they had. I eventually learned the secret.

They had all but eliminated their old unbeneficial limiting beliefs and replaced them with new ones that served them as pillars to build a new more successful life.

Over the next couple of years, I became obsessed with learning everything I could about our core beliefs, how they are formed, and how to replace them. Then I spent over 3800 hours working with a highly skilled master practitioner who mentored and shared additional insight into the three principles of mind, thought, and consciousness with me. I was finally able to develop, and with the feedback and assistance from hundreds of clients, design what I now call the RE:MIND Program.

With this amazing program:

  • You never again have to feel at the mercy of strong negative emotions.
  • Will not waste money buying the latest fad technique.
  • You’ll have access to a program that works and is used right now to help people.
  • Gain access to a constantly expanding group of similar professionals.
  • Never again will you waste months with a coach or mentor who continually strings you along.
  • You’ll finally be able to replace all the negative and limiting beliefs that have held you captive for so long.

What to Do Now

If you are thinking you want to see if you can find the confidence in yourself that I have helped so many others find. Simply sign up for free and go through the 3-day workshop and see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted – and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen. If for some reason you’re not delighted with your initial results, then just let me know and I’ll give you a free coaching session (worth $150) to help you get clarity as well as figure out what you needed that I somehow left out of the workshop. And we can stay friends.

It’s Time for You to Decide

If you are serious about wanting to gain confidence as a leader, you have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that leads… nowhere! Is that really where you want to end up? If the answer is NO, then make the decision to do what works to get you the results you want! Start today and begin breaking the beliefs and habits that have been holding you hostage.

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Yes, this is not just another feel-good workshop, this is a difficult and heavy transformation, it is spread over 3 days for a reason, if you do it too fast, it will not have time to sink into your subconscious. Please follow the suggested guidelines for the best results. I have helped hundreds of people identify and change the beliefs that are no longer benefitting them to assist them in achieving deeper success.

I look forward to working with you to help you gain confidence as a leader. -Aaron Jarrels


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