Gain Confidence in Relationships

Are you trying to gain confidence in a relationship that is new or seasoned? Those two are very different and require different approaches. We will take a look at both. First, let’s decide on a definition for “gain confidence in relationships.” In my mind, it means to feel secure, have trust, and be able to rely on the other partner in the relationship. But where are we on what a relationship means? I’m guessing we are talking about romantic relationships, otherwise, we would have used friendships or family relations as the phrase we used. So here we go.

Gain Confidence in a New Relationships

When you are just beginning the process of meeting, falling for, and partnering with a new romantic partner, it can be exciting and a little scary. How do you know you can trust this new person? The truth is the only way to know if you can trust someone is to test them. By this, I do not mean run them through a series of measured trials. I mean give them trust and see if they are trustworthy. If they continuously let you down or break your trust, then there is seriously no way to trust them. It would be like trying to trust a bucket with no bottom to hold water. It would be a silly thing to do.

So, we can assume you want to feel secure in the relationship. Keep in mind that confidence is a feeling. It is dependent on your ability to feel secure in the relationship. Which is in turn tied to your ability to trust the other person. This means you will naturally build up your confidence level in your relationship over time, so long as the other person is trustworthy and gives you a secure feeling.

Should You Trust Your Feelings?

I do not believe we have feelings for no reason. We get feelings because of our thoughts. So depending on the quality of our thoughts, we can then decide to trust in the feelings that accompany them. Are you getting an uneasy feeling around your new partner? Do things they say, or do their reactions to questions seem odd or out of place? This could be your intuition giving you a warning.

But if you constantly fall into the same destructive pattern of accusing, blaming, and never being able to trust anyone, you may be the one with the issue. You probably need to get a little help removing the destructive beliefs that are keeping you from experiencing a healthy relationship. Read more on that here.

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How Do You Gain Confidence Back in a Relationship?

If you are asking how to build back lost confidence in a relationship, you may have had broken trust or betrayal. If this is the case, you will probably need some outside assistance to be sure you both are ready to move to the step of rebuilding trust.

What I mean by this, is if you are the person who violated the trust of someone else, I’m not sure I want to teach you how to build back trust until I know you are repentant and have at least attempted to make amends. If you are the one whose trust was violated, I am not sure I want to teach you how to rebuild trust in someone I am not sure deserves it.

That being said, building back trust is far more difficult than building it from scratch. Because there are repairs and hurts that must be dealt with first. This all takes time and very often a guide to help the two of you through the muck. Again, the feelings of confidence will come with time as long as you both are again trustworthy and working together to save the relationship.

Why Do I Lose Confidence in a Relationship?

If you are asking how to gain confidence in relationships after losing them, there is something amiss. People lose the feeling of confidence when they have experienced a breach of trust. Because they are being manipulated or they are unable to have healthy relationships due to past physical or emotional trauma.

Remember that confidence is a feeling that is brought on by the thoughts you have. If you have unhealthy thoughts about a relationship or person, you will lose the feeling of confidence. So, the question then becomes what are you spending time thinking about? Are the thoughts healthy assessments of what is taking place in your relationship? Or are you having paranoid delusions about things that may or may not have happened to you in the past?

A relationship should be a joining of two people that have common likes, goals, and a serious joy being in each other’s company. This should be accompanied by feelings of security and trust. If these things all happen, you will have a strong healthy confident feeling when you are with them and when they are not with you. So ask yourself does this define your relationship, if not, you may need to reassess your relationship, the other person, or yourself.

If after that assessment, you discover you are having trouble letting go of past hurts and limiting beliefs you need coaching or guidance to help you get clarity and rid of the impediments to your happiness.

confidence in relationships

What I Have Learned

I discovered that the people who were experiencing deeper levels of success in relationships were taking responsibility for their wins and losses. They set relationship goals and voraciously pursued them. I wanted the joy and confidence in their relationships that they had. I eventually learned the secret.

They had all but eliminated their old unbeneficial limiting beliefs and replaced them with new ones that served them as pillars to build a new more successful life for themselves and their partners.

Over the next couple of years, I became obsessed with learning everything I could about our core beliefs, how they are formed, and how to replace them. Then I spent over 3800 hours working with a highly skilled master practitioner who mentored and shared additional insight into the three principles of mind, thought, and consciousness with me. I was finally able to develop, and with the feedback and assistance from hundreds of clients, design what I now call the RE:MIND Program.

With this powerful program:

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What You Need to Do Now

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It’s Time for You to Decide

If you are serious about wanting to gain confidence in your relationships, you have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that leads… nowhere! Is that really where you want to end up? If the answer is NO, then make the decision to do what works to get you the results you want! Start today and begin breaking the beliefs and habits that have been holding you hostage.

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I look forward to working with you to help you gain confidence in your relationships. -Aaron Jarrels


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