Are Thoughts Real?


The first thing to understand about thoughts is that thoughts are real. We really have and experience them. The second thing to understand about them is what we think about is not necessarily real. Not only can we not believe everything we think, we, in fact, shouldn’t believe everything we think. The third thing to understand about thought is: that they are fluid.

Reality of Thought

Thoughts are actual things made of energy, they can be tracked across your brain as you think them. Studies have shown that areas of the brain activate as we think different types of thoughts. Such as perceiving sensations, recalling memories, and using your imagination.

The Misguiding’s of Thought

What we think about things is impacted by our perception as well as our perspective. If we are in a bad mood the thoughts, we have while in that mood will be negative in nature. this is often the time we find ourselves having thoughts or thinking about ways that we are not good enough, smart enough, or brave enough to do what we want.

Stream of Thought

Have you ever tried to clear your mind and think of no thoughts? It is an impossibility. Because if we are conscious, we are thinking. even when we try to clear our minds of all thoughts, the best we can do is try and slow down intrusive thoughts. I imagine that thoughts are like a stream flowing through our heads anytime we are conscious. I imagine thoughts are like leaves floating in that stream through our heads. every time we place the thought, we are thinking back into the stream to clear our minds another one immediately floats in.

Are Thoughts Real?

Do thoughts create reality?

Thoughts do not create reality; however, thoughts can dictate the way we perceive reality. The way we perceive reality is profoundly impacted by what we prime our brains to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. What we think about becomes our reality. If we spend our time thinking that we are not going to succeed in any given task, Imagining all the ways we could fail, it will leave no space in our mind for success.

If we want to be successful at something we must utilize our thinking to come up with successful solutions. In this way, we can create or modify reality. It is an important distinction that reality can be perceived differently because of our thoughts, but we cannot think something into existence that does not exist.

Meaning that by changing and using our thoughts differently, we can perceive opportunities that we believed did not exist, because we could not see them. This gives the impression that we are creating reality.

Where do thoughts exist?

Thoughts exist in our minds. Therefore, the thought we are thinking carries only the value we apply to it. we give our thoughts value and meaning by attaching emotional weight to them. If you are thinking something that you do not like, you can simply drop it back into the stream of thought and be done with it. It is only when you apply emotional context to that thought that it carries any weight. Thoughts can be irrational, they can be motivational, they can be inspirational, and they can sometimes be scary.

Simply having a thought does not mean anything, regardless of what the thought is, that is if and until we decide that it does.

Are all thoughts valid?

Thoughts are not valid. They are not proof of anything, they are not important, and they are not necessarily factual. Thoughts are influenced by our perception, so if we misperceive something it will affect our thoughts.

if you are having a thought that is bothersome or implies something about someone in your life. it may be an indication that something is wrong, or it may simply be an indication that you are tired or hungry. Do not give random thoughts that pop into your head more value than they deserve.

Do thoughts have power?

Thoughts are incredibly powerful because what you think about can become your reality. Believe it or not, you can think yourself into success or failure. They ultimately decide if you will feel confident or afraid of doing something.

When someone asks you if you want to try something new do you tell them “I’m not sure I haven’t given that any thought, let me think about it and I’ll get back to you.”?

if you answered yes to saying that, let me ask you a question. what do you spend your time thinking about? Do you go over a few possible ways that that could be a smashing success? Or do you instead go over 10 or 15 worst-case scenarios? And then ask yourself if you can live with that type of failure?

Each one of those worst-case scenario thoughts becomes a memory of a failure in your mind. let’s imagine for a moment that every failure is a red folder, while every success is a green folder, placed into the memory file cabinet in your mind.

In a split second, before you act in a new situation, your brain jumps into that file cabinet and quickly looks to see if there are more red or more green folders… and that determines whether or not you will be confident or afraid.

Replace the red folders, or at least add more green ones. Stop thinking about worst-case scenarios. Start imagining successes. If you change your mind, it will transform your life. Oh, if you want a little bit of help changing your mind, check out my 3-day perception non-workshop. Use the coupon code INEEDTHIS and get the $499 non-workshop for only $1 for a limited time.

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