Are Mindset and Mentality the Same Thing?

Mindset and Mentality

There is a subtle difference between mindset and mentality, and it is this: Mentality is a mindset; as it is a way of thinking, but a mindset is slightly more than just a way of thinking- it is also a habitual opinion or attitude that affects thinking.

The biggest similarity, besides both being a way of thinking, is that they both are often believed to be fixed but are actually changeable. If you want to change your mentality or mindset it is possible with the right focus and practice.

Mindsets are real

What are the 3 kinds of mindsets?

There are three types of mindsets that should be focused on if you want to improve your life.

The three kinds of mindset are:

  1. Growth Mindset
  2. Positive Mindset
  3. Success Mindset

The first type of mindset is a Growth Mindset. It is the opposite of a fixed mindset; where people believe they are as good, smart, or successful as they are ever going to be. A growth mindset, on the other hand, allows for hope, learning, and becoming better than you currently are.

If you operate from a growth mindset you maintain the belief that you are able to get better with practice. It creates a place for motivation and drive to flourish. If you operate from a fixed outlook, you have no reason or motivation for trying harder, because you are already as good as you’ll ever get.

The second type of mindset you should strive to maintain is a Positive Mindset. By having a positive outlook, you see the glass as half full, rather than half empty. Being less negative and maintaining a positive framework for life will mean that you find yourself asking “how can I…” rather than saying “I can’t…” This is a powerful shift in mentality, that will create space for successful outcomes that did not previously exist.

The third type of mindset is a Success Mindset. This is when you carry the point of view that you expect to be successful in your task or journey. It utilizes the power of intent. When you intend to be successful when you do something, you accomplish much more than when you simply set out to try and do something. I know… it sounds like a subtle distinction, but words have power. So, choose them and your point of view wisely.

What is another word for mindset?

The best word to use in place of mindset is “mentality“. Although it does not completely sum up what mindset is. So, here are another 30 or so words or phrases you can use in place of mindset, use the one that best describes what you are thinking.

  1. outlook
  2. way of thinking
  3. mental framework
  4. point of view
  5. ideology
  6. ethos
  7. psyche
  8. what makes someone tick
  9. mind
  10. world view
  11. mind-set
  12. mental program
  13. heart
  14. stance
  15. nature
  16. position
  17. sentiment
  18. mental leaning
  19. mental make-up
  20. temperament
  21. attitude
  22. approach
  23. perspective
  24. frame of reference
  25. standard
  26. essence
  27. frame of mind
  28. disposition
  29. constitution
  30. makeup
  31. standpoint
  32. viewpoint

The main thing to remember when using the phrase mindset is that you are talking about a mental position or attitude that is your frame of mind when looking at the world around you. It is the bias or slant that pushes you toward believing something about what is taking place.

What I mean is this, events are neutral, we give them meaning by attaching meaning when we look at or think about them. Remember, it is not what happens to you or anyone else, it is what you believe about what happens to you or others.

I’ll give a quick example:

Imagine that someone is waving at you from a fair distance away. If your mindset is a positive one and you think most people are friendly, then you probably think they are being friendly and saying “hi” however, if you hold a negative mindset and outlook, you may apply a completely different meaning to the person waving at you. If you are holding a suspicious perspective, you may even apply a different meaning to the waving of a distant person.

What to do Next

If you wish you had a different mentality or mindset that would allow you to see the world from a happier place, keep reading. Finding your happy isn’t as difficult or mysterious as people believe. I strongly believe it only takes a small shift in your perspective and a touch of clarity. If you want to find your happy, I mean really want to find your inner happy, the happy you used to feel… follow this link. I’m sharing how to find and live in your happy for nothing more than a commitment to your future self. What if happy was easy?


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