Gain Confidence as a Leader

If you are an aspiring leader or trying to gain confidence as a leader, you need to know what steps can get you to where you want to go quickly. I am going to take a deep dive into the areas and things you need to address if you are serious about gaining confidence as a leader.

Address Your Self-Doubt

When you are building your confidence, you need to be sure to look at areas in your life where you doubt yourself. Your doubts will express themselves even when you think you have them hidden. Doubt is easy to recognize from the outside because it often expresses itself as hesitation. When someone is confident, they do not hesitate to answer or decide. But someone who is doubtful will hesitate before deciding. spending time on whatever they may have doubts about. Take these tips and suggestions to heart, they will help you gain confidence as a leader.

Learn to Bridge Confidence over Your Self-Doubts

When you find yourself feeling doubtful, take pause and set the thoughts of doubt aside, and focus on the parts or areas of what you are doing that you are competent in. In every area of life, we have areas of competence. It is those areas we should mentally take ourselves. When we feel competent, we can focus on what we do well and are skillful in. This creates feelings of confidence; we can then use this confidence to bridge over the areas we are not as confident in.

Eliminate Triggers

When you are self-aware and can recognize the triggers that make you experience feelings of self-doubt you can learn to avoid them. When you avoid the thoughts or experiences that send you into the spiral of doubt, you can maintain your innate confidence. There is no one who has no triggers, but skillful leaders have learned to identify and avoid them. You need to learn to do the same.

If you identify a trigger that you are unable to avoid, it may become necessary to eliminate the trigger altogether. In that case, you may need to identify and remove or replace the underlying limiting belief that is holding you hostage. Learn more about that here: Challenging Your Limiting Beliefs.

Recognize Your Talents

Take time to take a self-inventory and recognize your actual talents. When you honestly access yourself and take note of the talents and skills that you possess, you gain self-confidence. This will allow you to share these things with others. We often are too self-focused and we forget to take time and energy in the assistance of others. The best way to gain fast confidence is to stop thinking about yourself, you already know you are proficient in a task, focus all your energy and thought on completing the task of assisting the others you are working with.

Accept That You May Fail

As you gain confidence as a leader, you will discover new things about yourself. You cannot win everything, every time. Just accept the fact that you may at times fail to accomplish what you intended to. This does not make you a failure. It actually makes you more confident, because you know before you start that you can make a mistake and then just keep going. Too often we set expectations for ourselves that are unachievable. This makes us feel unconfident when we do not measure up to the ridiculous bar that was set far too high. Give yourself space to fail, and the freedom to not give up.

Bounce Back from Your Mistakes

Learn to get back up, dust yourself off, and try again. Never accept a mistake as the final word. When you make a mistake, own it, and move on. A mistake can either be a step along the way, or where you end up. Make it a step, that way each mistake is simply a lesson. When you think of a mistake as an opportunity to learn something, it becomes less intimidating. You can even learn to enjoy mistakes.

Surround Yourself with People Who Believe in You

You do not get to choose your family, but you get to choose your friends and acquaintances. But regardless of your choice of people, you can decide who you spend time with. Spend more time with those who believe and support you and you will gain confidence because when people believe in you, you tend to live up to their expectations. When you are around people who think less of you and your abilities, you tend to lower your image to match their impression of you.

Take Pride in Yourself

Celebrate your wins. Take pride in yourself and your accomplishments. Acknowledge the areas in your life where you are winning. Your confidence will increase when you take the time to think of yourself as a winner. This also includes taking pride in the way you present yourself. Dress the part. If you dress confidently, you will feel more confident.

Learn about leadership

Take leadership courses. Learn about how to be a leader from great leaders. By learning skills that make leaders great, you will gain confidence in your ability to lead. Read books about leaders and leadership. When you know more you will have a deeper well of experiences and examples to pull from when asked to lead. It is a good idea to spend time learning about what others have done to gain confidence as a leader to inspire you.

Network with Other Leaders

You have probably heard the saying: You are an average of the people you spend time with. Reach out and connect with other leaders in your area. Either locally or online. You will be surprised to learn that the struggles you are having are in fact not unique to you. Find support with other leaders and help others to gain self-confidence.

Develop Realistic Self-Awareness

When you have a realistic sense of self-awareness you allow yourself to grow in areas that you need growth while also allowing you to exercise areas of expertise. It is not always easy to know ourselves. But when you take an honest assessment, it will reveal areas of competency and skills you may not have considered before.

Help Others be More Successful

When you help others with their success it does several things for you. First, it gives you a feeling and sense of pride to help others. Next, it builds your confidence by growing your feelings of self-worth by showcasing your skills. Finally, it takes your focus off of yourself and puts it outward, allowing you to act selflessly and altruistically.

Celebrate Wins

Do not forget to recognize your small wins. You need to be sure you are not always “moving your cheese.” Meaning be sure to not constantly move your goals before you reach the ones you had been pursuing. We too often are looking at the horizon without remembering to be in the moment. Celebrate wins for yourself as well as for your team, family, friends, and acquaintances.

Look Confident

You have undoubtedly by now heard the saying “fake it until you make it” it does not mean spending money like you are rich, it rather means dressing for the job you want, not the one you have. Dress as a confident person would, boldly. When you stand like you mean to be seen, you exude a look of confidence, so keep an open posture.

I have given you multiple examples of what to do to increase your confidence, but if you are interested in learning how to change your perspective quickly and find the confidence that has been eluding you, keep reading. I take a few minutes and go over my story, so you can see how learning to identify limiting beliefs can be the key to finding your confidence.

I Used to Feel Like I Wasn’t Confident

If you are trying to gain confidence as a leader, I know how you feel, I used to find myself doubting myself and suffering from diminished confidence. The thought that my situation might change soon, that I couldn’t keep feeling doubtful forever, would be the only thing giving me hope. I would struggle to try to keep my head above water each time I was supposed to talk in front of others or lead a meeting.

I felt like I would never get the feeling of confidence. The feeling I was doomed to stay frustrated my whole life haunted me. Others seemed confident and succeeded around me, and while I intellectually knew they were not more capable than me, they seemed to have more confidence and natural ability.

I decided I wanted to feel as happy as they looked. Thinking, if I could find just half of the confidence and success as they did, I’d be happy. I kept doing the same things I always had, but now I had a different set of expectations. I quickly grew frustrated. The truth is, I knew that what I wanted was different results.

What I Found

I discovered that the people who were experiencing deeper levels of success were taking responsibility for their wins and losses. They set goals and voraciously pursued them. I wanted the drive and belief they had. I eventually learned the secret. They had all but eliminated their old unbeneficial limiting beliefs and replaced them with new ones that served them as pillars to build a new more successful life.

Over the next decade, I earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology. I wanted to know as much as I possibly could about how to expose and remove limiting beliefs. Then I spent over 3800 hours working with a highly skilled master practitioner who mentored and shared additional insight into the three principles of mind, thought, and consciousness with me. I was able to design, and with the feedback and assistance from hundreds of clients develop what I now call, the RE:MIND Program.

With this amazing program:

  • You never again have to feel at the mercy of strong negative emotions.
  • Never again will you waste months with a coach or mentor who continually strings you along.
  • Will not waste money buying the latest fad technique.
  • You’ll have access to a program that works and is used right now to help people.
  • Gain access to a constantly expanding group of similar professionals.
  • You’ll finally be able to replace all the negative and limiting beliefs that have held you captive for so long.

What to Do Now

Simply sign up for $1 and go through the non-workshop to see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted – and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen. If for some reason you’re not delighted with your initial results, then just let me know and I’ll give you a free coaching session ($150 dollar value) to help you get clarity as well as figure out what you needed that I somehow left out of the program. -and we can stay friends.

It’s Decision Time

If you are serious about wanting to gain confidence as a leader, you have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that leads… nowhere! Is that really where you want to end up? If the answer is NO, then make the decision to do what works to get you the results you want! Start today and begin breaking the beliefs and habits that have been holding you hostage.

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Yes, this is not just another feel-good workshop, this is a difficult and heavy transformation, it is spread over 3 days for a reason, if you do it too fast, it will not have time to sink into your subconscious. Please follow the suggested guidelines for the best results. I have helped hundreds of people identify and change the beliefs that are no longer benefitting them to assist them in achieving deeper success.

I look forward to working with you to help you gain confidence as a leader. -Aaron Jarrels


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