Can Perception Be Wrong?

Is Perception Inherently Right or Wrong?

Perception is very often misleading. Right or wrong is not actually an accurate way to measure perception. Because our perception is simply the way our senses assess what we see based on our perspective. If your perspective changes, you can alter your perception of reality. If we believe that reality is only what we perceive, we are missing out on so much of what is actually happening because we are not attuned to it.

Example: Imagine if I asked you what is playing on the radio? Everything is playing on the radio, but you can only hear one radio station or channel at a time. If you are tuned into one station, it in no way means that nothing else is playing on the radio waves. Your perception is the station you tune into at any given time.

Our perception is the place from or way we see the world. It is the filter through which we define our reality. Our perception is not perfect, because it is by nature only one view. Think of it this way, if you are looking at a car from the front it would be very difficult if not impossible to know how many tires, doors, or windows it has. That is because from your perspective your perception of the vehicle would only have one front window, no doors, and possibly two tires. In essence, your view of the car would be determined by perspective, and that would dictate your perception of it.

What Affects Our Perception?

Our perception is dictated by our thinking and the perspective we look at life from. When something happens, we can look at it from many different angles. The angle you look at something from will determine the way you perceive it. Your perception will then also be affected by the mood you are in when you perceive it.

Seeing things from our perspective

Your mood and state of mind will affect your perception of the thing you are experiencing or thinking about. You perceive things that are both real and imaginary. When you imagine something, you create a mental experience that you perceive inside your mind. You then apply meaning to the real or imagined experience and place it into your memory. You may have attached a positive or negative meaning to the experiences. When you rethink about the experiences, they can affect your current mood, and that will affect your perception of current events.

Your state of mind and mood influence your perception in a powerful way. This applies to both your perception of current events and revisited memories. If you have ever watched the Disney movie “Inside Out” you remember that when the blue (sadness) character touched an old memory she affected it, and the memory or the perception of what took place was altered. Be sure you do not think about happy things when you are in a poor state of mind. It will affect your perception of past events.

What Causes Differences in Perception?

Differences in perception are caused by changes in your perspective, your mood, and your physical state. Let’s take a closer look at each of these for a deeper understanding.

1. Changes in Your Perspective:

As your perspective changes, you see things from a different place. This gives you a different way of understanding it. Imagine looking at a house from the street and believing you know everything about the house. A change in perspective such as seeing it from the back, or from above gives you a much deeper understanding of the house. But truthfully you need to see the house from nearly every perspective in order to fully understand it. For instance, if you were to stand at the front door with it open, you would know more, but still need further perspectives, such as what the rooms looked like, the hallway looks like, and so forth.

You can change your perspective or ask others to share their perspective on a subject or event. Be sure to keep an open mind and realize that when others share their perspectives it does not make them right or wrong if what they see or understand matches or contradicts the way you see or understand something.

2. Changes in Your Mood:

Depending on the state of mind or mood you are in, your perception will be different. This is because when you are upset, everything you perceive will have a “red tint” to it. What I mean is that when you are upset, you hear things differently. Everything sounds like an attack. We get defensive and something that would have otherwise been a nice gesture can be perceived as spiteful or sarcastic.

When we are in a great mood, we tend to not take things personally, and look past most small slights. Our mood will greatly influence our perception of what we experience. So do your best to keep your mood positive. You can do this if you truly want to because remember that your mood is simply an indicator of the quality of your thoughts.

3. Changes in Your Physical State:

The physical state you are in will affect your perception of reality. If you are cold, you will perceive things differently than if you are hot, or comfortable. A study was done, and it shows that there are many more aggressive acts done during days that are excessively hot, than on days it is moderate or cold. This is because being hot correlates to being angry. This is why we use phrases like “he is heated under the collar”, or “avoid the boss she is hot right now”. If you are in a state of discomfort, things in life will be perceived with much less satisfaction than when you are comfortable.

Can Perception Be Changed?

Yes! We can change our perception. Our current perception is based on our perspective and that relies on our understanding of current and past events we have experienced. If we want to change our perception, we simply need to adjust our perspective, our mood, or our physical state. (See the above section for more on the application of these concepts.)

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