Self-Perception; A Closer Look at Who You Are

What is Self-Perception?

Self-Perception is the image we hold about ourselves and our traits. Keep in mind, it also includes the judgments we make about those traits. So, this means in essence that self-perception includes two perceptual processes.

The Two Perceptual Processes of Self-Perception

  • Self-Concept
  • Self-Esteem

Think of it this way, your self-concept is the picture you have in your head about who you are. While your self-esteem is the way you judge and evaluate the traits you hold. This is a great place to see an example, so you can get a clear picture of what I mean.

An Example of Self-Perception

Your self-perception influences the way you present yourself to others. For instance, if you see yourself as confident and interesting, you will be more likely to be outgoing and talkative. However, if you see yourself as uninteresting, you will be more likely to act shy and more hesitant to engage others.

Why is Self-Perception Important?

Our self-perception influences our judgment, mood, and behaviors. When we have a positive perception of ourselves, we are more likely to maintain positive thinking. This will influence our thoughts and beliefs about the world. This upbeat thinking tends to lead to positive behaviors.

When we believe that things are good, we act accordingly. When our thoughts are markedly negative, we tend to act according to those darker thoughts and beliefs. It supports my theory that life is like driving a car. When we first learn to drive, the nervous parent trying to instruct us not to hit the car parked on the side of the road, yells, look where you want to go!

Those who have driven for extended lengths of time instinctively know that the car tends to head in the direction we are looking. Meaning if we are looking or thinking negatively, we will tend to act or go to negativity. Keep your eyes focused where you want to go, stop looking at the obstacles. It’ll get easier.

What Are the Four Facets of Self-Perception?

Also known as the components of self-concept

  • Self-Identity: the way you imagine yourself, based on your beliefs.
  • Self-Image: the way you imagine others think about and see you.
  • Self-Esteem: the value you place on yourself, your ideas, and your talents.
  • Role Performance: the image or persona you try to project to others in any given situation.
Self-Perception through self reflection
Identifying your Self-Perception through Self-Reflection

What Are the Types of Self-Perception?

The Six Types of Self-Perception

  • Sight – what you see with your eyes.
  • Touch – what you personally touch or feel physically.
  • Sound – the things that you hear.
  • Taste – things you eat, drink, or put inside your mouth.
  • Smell – the odors that you identify and those you can’t.
  • Imagination – the things you think about in your head, but don’t experience in any other way.

What Are the Aspects of Self-Perception?

The 3 Aspects of Self-Perception

  • Sensory Stimulation and Selection: what you actually perceive through your senses.
  • Mental Organization: what you decide to focus on, and not focus on.
  • Personal Interpretation: the meaning and importance you give to the things you focused on.

How Can I Change my Self-Perception?

Ways to Change Your Self-Perception

  • Take personal responsibility: do not blame others for your situation, life, or choices.
  • Have compassion for others as well as yourself: learn to forgive, try to forget.
  • Be willing and open to see things differently: open your mind to alternative perspectives.
  • Recognize when you are being triggered: do not fly off the handle, maintain composure.
  • Watch out for your patterns: identify what you usually do, look for alternatives.
  • Find support: spend time with those who are a positive force in your life.
  • Locate a mentor: if you want the success you see in someone else, use them as a guide.

How Can I Improve my Self-Perception?

Improving Your Self-Perception

  • Identify and Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs. You cannot outgrow the pot you stay in. Transplant yourself and remove the limitations holding you from where you want to go.
  • Recognize Your Positive Attributions. We only see the things we are looking for, so look for the best parts of you.
  • Build Positive Relationships—and Remove Negative Ones. Life is too short to waste it regretting your detrimental friendships and relationships. Surround yourself with positive people. You are the average of your top five closest friends.
  • Forgive Your Past Failures. You are the only one who can let go of your past. If you hold on to past failures, you will have your hands too full to grasp new successes.
  • Become More Assertive. You know you pause, you hesitate, and you keep yourself from asking for what you want or need. Believe you are worth it and ask for things. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Learn When and How to Say No. You probably say yes to things you do not want to do. You must learn to say no, it will result in making everyone happier.
  • Take Your Physical Health Seriously. Start moving. You need to get into better shape physically. You have been putting it off for too long. Being in better shape, means better health and a longer life.
  • Take On New and Exciting Challenges. Set lofty goals. Do not shy away from a challenge, try things that are not a guaranteed win, it makes it sweeter when you succeed. Learn to win or find a way that did not produce the desired effect, but never use the word lose or fail.

What to Do Now About Your Self-Perception

Self-perception is a concept that is often overlooked and the value that can come from improving one’s self-perception cannot be overstated. Take the time and energy to learn to change your mind and transform your life. You will not regret the effort it took or the future success you will experience.


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