Can Thoughts Manifest?

Can You Manifest Your Thoughts?

If you think something long enough, does it become real? It’s tricky, the answer to this is both yes and no. What do I mean by that answer? I am saying that if what you are thinking about is a physical object, then the answer is no.

However, if what you are thinking about is a belief, then the answer is a resounding YES! When we spend a large amount of time thinking about a belief, we tend to begin to use confirmation bias. This means we will only pay attention to things that confirm our beliefs. Which makes it seem all the more believable and truer.

So, your thoughts can be manifested into reality. Especially thoughts about yourself. There is a great saying that goes “If you think you can’t, you are right, and if you think you can then you are also right.” This means that whatever you think becomes reality. Thought manifestation happens to everyone on a daily basis, so be mindful of what you think about.

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Think About Yourself Differently

If you think you are a winner and begin using confirmation bias to only pay attention to things that prove or indicate you are a winner, you will win more often. You will actually win more often not because you are better, but because you believe you are better.

Your thoughts matter, so only spend time thinking thoughts that will benefit you in some way. What you think about becomes your reality. It manifests whether you want it to or not.

Can You Think Something into Existence?

No, well… Yes, I mean sort of. Honestly, it’s as simple as a yes or no answer. Let me explain.

You cannot think a pizza into existence, no matter how hard you try. It is impossible to create something from nothing. So no, you cannot create something from just thinking.

That being said, you can very much create ideas, beliefs, and convictions, from a simple thought. That may not sound like much, but remember beliefs, convictions, and ideas dictate behavior. So, you can, in essence, create behaviors just by thinking.

If you think that a thing is important, you will adjust your behavior to match your belief. Convictions are even more likely to modify behaviors. Due to the fact that convictions are deeply held beliefs. So yes, you actually can create something from just thinking.

How Do Our Thoughts Manifest?

Here is the trickiest part about thinking or thought creating something. When we learn to use thought to prime our brain using the reticular formation. Or the RAS (Reticular Activating System) we can actually begin to see things that we were literally unable to see before. This very often leads to uninformed people thinking they were able to manifest or think something into existence that did not exist. The truth is closer to the fact that, by priming their brain to see what they wanted to see, they noticed opportunities that were previously outside their reality.

This is not all that difficult to do when you know exactly how. The key component or magic word here is intent. When you learn to live intentionally, you are able to see many more opportunities for success and can experience many more wins.

Do Thoughts or Emotions Manifest?

Thoughts and emotions are manifestations just as they can manifest additional things. Thoughts can manifest beliefs, ideas, and convictions. As we mentioned earlier, those can lead to behaviors. Emotions can manifest beliefs as well. These can be either positive or negative, depending on the emotion.

Thinking of thoughts and emotions as manifestations themselves makes it easier to imagine them as being outside of us. I believe that they are in fact separate from us, something we experience and can hold or drop at will. When you think of them as being a part of us, it makes their impact on our lives unduly important.

Who Cares About Thoughts Anyway?

I do not think thoughts are all that important. I do not believe everything I or anyone else thinks. Thoughts come, and thoughts go. If a nice thought comes, I tend to grab onto it, if a bad thought comes along, I do my best to let it go.

Emotions are simply indicators of the quality of your thoughts. essentially, emotions are manifestations of your thoughts. Your emotional state is profoundly dictated by your thinking. It is literally impossible to be in a happy mood or emotional state if you are thinking negative thoughts.

Try This Helpful Little Ditty

If you are tired of having uncomfortable thoughts and being stuck in a poor mood, there is an easy way to change it. The key is to start thinking about things you are grateful for. The fact is, when you are in a grateful mood, thinking about things you are grateful for you simply cannot be in any other state of mind, including anxiety or depression.


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