3 Fast Ways to Improve your Confidence

Here are three fast ways to improve your confidence in case you need some quick help. Do not let a racing heart rate, butterflies in your stomach, cold sweats, or dry mouth slow you down from getting or having what you want. We have all experienced these sensations many times, so learn to spot them quickly.

Having confidence in yourself is important in every aspect of your life. Low self-esteem not only worsens whatever situation you are in, but also affects your mental health. When you do not feel good, there is little to no chance of you getting the most desirable outcome from any situation.

Common Confidence Slips

It is common to feel anxious before a job interview, public speaking, a first date, or meeting people for the first time. However, it is possible that those feelings can either be avoided or perceived as positive. Being confident does not only make you seem more competent but makes people like you more. Simply put, you will experience more and deeper joy in life by merely believing in yourself.

It is my goal to with this article to help you learn a few easy ways to increase or enhance your confidence fast. But to do this, there are a few things you should understand first:

What Happens When You Are Under-Confident?

When you experience low self-esteem, you may

  • miss many opportunities
  • find it hard to make decisions 
  • do not trust yourself
  • develop anxiety
  • avoid gatherings
  • avoid criticism 

You may have been told by people who care about you “be positive!” It helps, but it is not as simple as it sounds. Often many people continually experience constant fear of being judged, and they constantly doubt themselves. If you believe you are one of them, do not worry. I have some good news. You can learn to tackle this temporary affliction and improve your confidence.

Learn How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome and find Your Confidence

Ways to Improve Your Confidence

Following are the three “practical” ways to quickly boost your confidence. 

1. Treat Yourself better 

You need to treat yourself better. Doing self-deprecating talk all the time is only going to worsen your situation. No one can help you better than yourself. Be your own best friend, applaud yourself when you achieve something, and encourage yourself. Remember, no one knows and understands you more than you!

Self-Pep Talk

Self-pep talk is a great way to make yourself feel better. Be your own motivational speaker and remind yourself that you can do anything. Do not take pity on yourself; instead, appreciate and cheer yourself up. Think about the things you aced. Remember taking pity on yourself is also a form of self-depreciation. 

Groom Yourself!

Groom and pamper yourself to feel relaxed and confident. Take long showers or baths, take care of your hygiene, do your hair, and makeup if you want to. When you look good, you automatically feel good. Remember, you are doing this for yourself.

2. Imagine Your Success

Before doing anything, picture yourself after being successful in that. How will you feel after accomplishing that task? Try to remind yourself of your past achievements. Doing this will not only divert your attention from the anxious thoughts but will also enable you to feel pleasure.

EFT or Tapping is a great way to imagine yourself being successful. You can attach emotional weight to your success and rid yourself of negative emotional baggage connected to imagined failures. The science that supports the effectiveness of EFT is growing every day.

Set Goals

Setting achievable goals is key to develop confidence. You need to develop “practical” goals. Unrealistic goals will only get your morale down. This does not mean that you develop goals that are too easy to achieve for you. You are well aware of your capabilities, so make a to-do list according to them. Keep track of your accomplishments. This will help you have a clear mind of your aims and boost your self-esteem.

3. Learn From Your Failures

Let us face it, failures are a part of life’s journey, but you need to learn from them. Take your failures as a way of acknowledging your shortcomings and improving them. Do not think low of yourself because of your past failures; remember with each failure, you are one step closer to your goal. Everyone makes mistakes, so you do not need to get your faults on your head. Have a growth mindset.

Mentally Prepare for the Worst

If you feel anxious about something, prepare yourself to the fullest. Think about the worst possible scenario that can possibly happen if you mess up. Then ask yourself how likely is that to happen. All of your alternate scenarios will start looking minimal to you, and you will feel relaxed instantly. Realize that you are no alone, everyone feels nervous and self conscience. Stop focusing on yourself and think about the task.

Things to do When You Are Nervous

If you are feeling nervous before a meeting, presentation, or anything, the following tips will help to relieve you in seconds.

1. Improve your Posture

Relax your shoulders and straighten your back. Having a proper posture instantly makes you feel confident. 

2. Take a Deep Breath 

You may have heard many times that meditation is a great way to enhance your confidence. If you do not have time for this, taking a few deep breaths will instantly soothe your nerves.

3. Be Sure to Smile

Smiling is important. It helps you leave a good impression on others. As smiling is associated with the feeling of joy, it tricks you into feeling confident and happy.

Find Out More

Remember, being confident is not that hard a nut to crack. You only have to make small changes in your mindset and develop good habits. Having your mind clear and being prepared can help you. Eating healthy or exercising daily can help to release happy hormones in your body. Practicing good thoughts and getting organized can help you improve your confidence. For daily tips about modifying your mindset Follow and Like the aaronjarrels Facebook Page.

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