Happy Thoughts

What Are Some Happy Thoughts?

Everyone is different, and what they find pleasurable is just as varied, however, happy is as happy does. Here are some happy thoughts that can get you on the road to happiness.

Happy Thoughts:

  1. You are loved. You may not see or feel it, but you definitely are.
  2. You are a loving person with a big heart. You should use it more often.
  3. You care deeply about things. Now turn your care into action.
  4. You are supportive. Do not stop supporting those you love and care for.
  5. You are who you should be. You need to step into your success, it’s time.

Tips for Experiencing Happy Thoughts:

  1. Be grateful, having a heart filled with gratitude is an easy way to feel happy.
  2. Laugh, when you find humor in things it is far easier to feel the happiness.
  3. Spend time with positive people, when you are around others that look for the silver lining, happy cannot stay hidden.
  4. Be positive, especially when you talk to yourself. Be your biggest supporter.
  5. Focus on the good things, try to not stay focused on what goes wrong, look for what went right.

How Can I Make my Thoughts Happy?

If you are having negative thoughts and want to change them to happy ones, read on. You cannot make your thoughts do anything; they are like waves rolling in and out with the tide. But rather, you should learn to choose which waves you will ride. Consider this, happiness is not an absence of any other emotion. It is, on the other hand, the knowledge that you are enough, and that you know what to do.

The best thing about thoughts is that you are under no obligation to maintain, dissect, believe, or continue thinking any thought. You are completely in charge of what you decide to spend your time and energy thinking about.

If you believe as I do, that thought is outside of us, they are something that we can grasp onto or let go of, then we are granted the power over our thoughts. You simply discard the thought you do not want, and it will instantly be replaced with a different one.

Have you ever tried to clear your mind of all thoughts? It is completely impossible. All we can do is attempt to direct or redirect our thoughts. This is why we, during meditation focus our thoughts on our breathing. For me, it is an exercise in frustration and patience. It is far easier for me to just let go and watch as thoughts flow like a stream through my head without me taking hold of anyone in particular.

When you learn to let go, you can then just wait for the thought you want to focus on to flow into your mind.

Happy thoughts from a puppy

The Easy Way to Be and Stay Happy

By far the easiest way to be and stay happy is to be intentional. Do not wait to see how you are feeling and hope it is happy. I strongly believe that our emotions are simply indicators of our thoughts and as such, we can change our mood by changing our thoughts. Read the section above again if you want to discover how easy it is to change your thoughts.

Living and being intentional is the key to everything in life including happiness. If you take the time intentionally to think happy thoughts, you will feel happy. One of the easiest thoughts that lead to happiness is thoughts of gratitude. When you think about things you are grateful for, it leaves no space in your mind for anything other than happy thoughts.

Take time at the end of each day to think of 5 things you are grateful for. This will do two things. You will feel happier when you do this, plus it will prime your brain to take notice of the good things that happen throughout the day, keeping you in a state of gratitude all day.

Positive Life Thoughts

You can “prime the pump” or prepare your mind to think happy thoughts by “counting your blessings.” The magic wand for thinking happy positive life thoughts is using gratitude. Oh, I know you give thanks every Thanksgiving, and you feel stuffed and tired, not happy. That is because you are not doing it intentionally.

When you think about things that you are grateful for with the intent to feel happy, you will in fact feel happy, if you are thinking of things, you are grateful for but are doing it with a sarcastic heart, it will backfire.

Be positive for real. That means do not waste even one second thinking about any worst-case scenario, or how things might go wrong. You are simply priming your brain to watch for roadblocks with the intent of being stopped.

Imagine this, do you remember being taught to drive a car? Do you recall the time you were heading down the street and you were so worried about the parked car on the side of the road that you couldn’t take your eyes off of it? the person teaching you was probably yelling “keep your eyes where you want to go, not on what you want to avoid!” That was because the car was starting to aim at the parked car. We head in the direction we look, so start looking only toward happiness.

Think Happy

If you want something, think about it. I mean seriously think about it. Stop thinking about what you do not want. Your mind only understands positive thoughts. Wait, wait, I am not suggesting your mind cannot understand the negativity. What I mean is, you can only think something or not think about it. If you tell yourself to not think about something, you are in fact, thinking about it.

For instance, if I tell you not to think of a clamshell covered in bright fluorescent pink paint and covered with sparkling sequins. You will no doubt have pictured it in your mind. The idea is you can’t tell yourself not to think of something, because you will have had to think of it first.

Live Happy

The more time you spend thinking happy thoughts, the more time you will spend in a happy mood. The mood you spend the most time in defines your life. If you spend your days upset, you will have spent your life grumpy. Do not spend your life… live it… and live it happy. Life is too short to waste it not being happy.


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