Manifesting Love; Intentionally Drawing it to You

Manifesting Tips

Here are the 5 best tips for manifesting love or whatever you might want.

  1. Be Clear
  2. Prime the Pump
  3. Take Action
  4. Stay Alert
  5. Be Grateful

Tip 1 Be Clear

The first tip is to be clear about what you actually want. When you know what you want, it is incredibly important that you see yourself as already having or being it. It means when you use affirmations you absolutely must use the first-person present tense. Do not say” I want…” rather say “I am…” In this way, you are telling the universe, yourself, and everyone else that you not only fully intend to be something, but that you already are that which you desire.

Tip 2 Prime the Pump

The second tip is to prime your brain to see what you are looking for. When you are primed to see opportunities, you will. When you intend to see “lucky breaks” you will see those as well. If you want to be the right person, in the right place, at the right time, you need to prime your mind to spot the opportunities you need. Typically, we only see what we want to see. So prepare yourself to see greatness.

Tip 3 Take Action

The third tip is simply not enough to want something and do nothing. Anything worth having is doing what it takes to get it. Do not wait for the universe to bring you anything. Remember that it is far easier to steer a moving car than a parked one. Get going and go after what you want.

Tip 4 Stay Alert

The fourth tip is to stay alert, keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities for advancing your cause or journey. The universe does not place things into your hand, it does wave them in your face, however, and if you are looking for them you will see them. Keep in mind that what we think we want and what we are trying to accomplish are not always the same thing. Very often when we are trying to cross a river, we fixate on looking for a bridge when we could just as easily take a boat, be carried by helicopter, or even a hand glide. Do not get stuck looking for a specific thing, rather look for the end result.

Tip 5 Be Grateful

The fifth tip is to stay in a mindset of gratitude. When you are feeling grateful, you physically cannot feel anxious or depressed. Plus, it is a magnetic state of being, it draws energy to you, not only from other people but success as well. Success loves those who are grateful. Spend your days and nights in a state of gratitude.

Manifest Love

What is the Best Way to Manifest Love?

The best way to manifest love is to share the love with others. Love is something that unlike other things is self-perpetuating. This means the more you give away, the more that returns to you. The most beloved people in the world are also the most loving.

In addition, you must have a clear vision of who and what you want in a loving relationship. If you just want something vague, that is what you will attract. So, have a clear vision of what you want, review the list daily, and consider what you are bringing to the bargaining table. If you want to attract someone amazing and wonderful, you must yourself be wonderful and amazing. Remember, like attracts like.

Do not be fooled by the silly notion that opposites attract. Oh, they do, but only for a short time. opposites that attract are rebounds. They simply do not last. If you want long-term love, be the type of person you want, and you will attract the person you are looking for to you.

If you want specific steps for attracting or manifesting your true love, go back and read the 5 tips for manifesting.

What Do You Say When Manifesting Love?

Here are 10 things to say that will assist you in manifesting love:

  1. I love who I am and so does my partner.
  2. I am open to love.
  3. I am filled with love.
  4. I am very loved.
  5. I find love everywhere I go.
  6. I am swept up in romance.
  7. I am grateful for the love in my life.
  8. I naturally find love in everyone.
  9. I am attaching my soulmate
  10. I am lovable and loving.

Of course, there are latterly a million other things you can say when you are manifesting-love, but the most critical thing to remember besides it being first-person present tense is that you must wholeheartedly believe the statements when you say them.

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Can You Manifest a Relationship with a Specific Person?

You can absolutely manifest a relationship with a specific person, and you should! That being said, while not overly complicated, it probably doesn’t work the way you’re thinking. Every relationship you intend to foster should be manifested. Meaning everything you want should be pursued with absolute intent and expectancy.

If you are trying to manifest a relationship with someone who is already in a committed relationship, you are heading down a road to ultimate heartache, even if you are able to successfully manifest the relationship’s beginning. Remember that you have to be the wonderful and amazing person you are looking for before you can attract that to you. If you are trifling about in the middle of someone else’s relationship, you will be the one who breaks it apart, and that is ultimately what you will attract to yourself.

If, however, you are trying to manifest a relationship with a special someone who is available, wonderful, and awesome, then you simply need to follow the steps.

I would suggest that if you are having trouble setting and accomplishing your goals, then you may want to get your hands on my free Ultimate Guide for Achieving Your Goals. It is the easiest way to set a goal and get what you desire.

If you are wanting to use manifesting as a bit of added leverage to ensure your success, use the 5 tips above to begin to use the universe as a helper. Do not be fooled and think that you can manifest something from outside yourself. You must first be and be ready for what you are wanting.

How Do You Know if Someone is Manifesting You?

It is incredibly easy to know for sure if someone is manifesting you. The way you can be certain if you are being manifested by someone is that they will suddenly appear, your impression of them will change toward the positive, or they will “catch your eye.” Now it is important to realize that not everyone understands how to manifest, but many do it unconsciously or without realizing it.

If you feel that you are being manifested, take note, and see where the universe takes you. I would not draw attention to your suspicion that you are being manifested. If it is not a conscious effort, you may spook them off. Manifesting is a universal concept and is not something someone invented, rather it is something that has been noticed. It has been used by many of the most powerful and enigmatic personalities for centuries.

It is a tool that once you understand it, can be used to help you accomplish more in a shorter time period. Manifesting is not magic, it is not supernatural, it is a force of nature and human nature in harmony.


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