Ever-Growing List of Binding/Limiting Beliefs

This list is an ongoing collaborative effort. I have been adding these example binding/limiting beliefs from the clients and community from The Bindless Mindset Facebook Group. Be sure to check it out if you have not done so yet. It is a growing community of high achieving professionals that are ready to unravel their limitations and live with a Bindless Mind. If you want to dive into overcoming the binding beliefs you already are aware of jump to the overcoming limiting beliefs page. If you have any binding/limiting beliefs you want added to the list either drop them in the comments, or post them in the group on Facebook.

Ever Growing List of Limiting Beliefs

Binding/Limiting Beliefs about Money and Abundance

  1. Money is the root of all evil.
  2. A penny saved is a penny earned.
  3. You get what you deserve.
  4. Money burns a whole in my pocket.
  5. Found money is free money.
  6. I never win anything.
  7. Nothing is ever free.
  8. I will never get my big break.
  9. There is never enough.
  10. Everyone else gets all the good stuff.
  11. My spouse is after my money.
  12. The government is after my money.
  13. There is never enough to go around.
  14. I have to protect what I have because there just isn’t enough.
  15. I will never make enough money to support my family.
  16. Money does not come easily.
  17. Earning money requires working really hard.
  18. Money is the root of all evil
  19. Money does not grow on trees
  20. You cannot trust others with money.
  21. Taxes are evil.
  22. I do not know how to manage money.
  23. I am bad with money.
  24. Money is made to be spent!
  25. We/I will never be rich.
  26. Rich people are bad people.
  27. Rich people are not happy.
  28. Money turns people rotten.
  29. You cannot trust someone who has a lot of money.
  30. Money does not matter that much to me. I do not need it!
  31. As soon as I make it, I have to spend it!
  32. Money is always on its way out the door.
  33. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.
  34. Making lots of money requires sacrificing who you are.
  35. I am not worthy of being happy.
  36. I am not worthy of being rich.
  37. Why does this always happen to me?
  38. This is too much for me. I just cannot do it.
  39. The world is cruel and not nice.
  40. I can never be trusted when things are going well.
  41. To earn money, I have to work extremely hard.
  42. I could earn more money if I had a better education,

Limiting & Binding Beliefs about Relationships

  1. I will never find love.
  2. You cannot change who you are.
  3. I am damaged goods.
  4. I always pick losers.
  5. No one likes a squeaky wheel.
  6. I always get hurt (or dumped or betrayed).
  7. All the good ones are taken.
  8. No one wants me.
  9. You cannot trust anybody in a relationship.
  10. I am useless on my own.
  11. Why do not I know how to make it work?
  12. I need someone in my life at all times.
  13. My relationships just never work out.
  14. I need someone to take care of me.
  15. Putting yourself out there only results in getting hurt.
  16. Why am I so bad at love/relationships?
  17. I need to be someone else other than myself for others to like me.
  18. There just is not somebody out there for me.
  19. You get what you deserve.
  20. I am not enough on my own.
  21. I need somebody else in my life to make me feel useful.
  22. My family is always trying to keep me down.
  23. Doing something besides what my family wants is betraying them.
  24. I cannot do what my family does not want me to do.
  25. I just have to put up with what I do not like.
  26. We are all just chips off the old block.
  27. Like father, like son.
  28. Like Mother, like daughter.
  29. I have to do what my parents say or else (even as a grown-up).
  30. Others are going to hate me if I stand up for myself.
  31. I am not worthy of being loved.
  32. Others are just going to step on my toes, and I will deal with it.
  33. I need someone to complete me.
  34. Love never works out for me.
  35. I hate rejection.
List of limiting and binding beliefs
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Binding/Limiting Beliefs about Work

  1. I do not deserve to make money doing what I love.
  2. It is impossible to make money doing what you love.
  3. It is impossible to make money in the arts.
  4. I have to be a starving artist to maintain my integrity.
  5. I am not talented.
  6. No one appreciates me.
  7. I have no special strengths.
  8. I am not good enough.
  9. You get what you deserve.
  10. I am not worthy of that promotion.
  11. Everyone else gets the good jobs.
  12. I need more experience.
  13. Who would want to hire me?!
  14. I just do not know how to manage big projects.
  15. My opinion is not important.
  16. I crack under pressure.
  17. Whenever I manage things, it just turns out awful.
  18. I just do not have enough time on the job.
  19. It is not what you know, it is who you know.
  20. I never get opportunities to take on big projects.
  21. No one listens to me.
  22. I am invisible at work.
  23. I will never find the right job.
  24. All bosses are crappy.
  25. My supervisor is never going to listen to me.
  26. I cannot be trusted with responsibility.
  27. I am always overlooked.
  28. Working for the man is soul-crushing.
  29. You are not supposed to like what you do.
  30. I should know more than I do.
  31. Everyone expects too much of me.
  32. I got passed over for a promotion again – it is just not fair.
  33. My coworkers do not like me.
  34. I cannot promote without being a suck up.

Limiting Beliefs about Self-Worth

  1. I am a failure.
  2. I will never be good enough.
  3. You get what you deserve.
  4. I am always second rate.
  5. That is just my luck!!
  6. I do not deserve a better life.
  7. Life is not fair.
  8. Things just do not work out for me.
  9. It is all my parents’ fault.
  10. People look right through me.
  11. I cannot make things happen.
  12. These things always seem to happen.
  13. Who am I to have everything I have ever wanted?

Binding/Limiting Beliefs about Good Health

  1. My body just heals slowly.
  2. Getting sick is unavoidable.
  3. I cannot stop eating (____).
  4. I cannot stop drinking (____).
  5. You are what you eat.
  6. I am big boned.
  7. I do not deserve to be healthy.
  8. Everyone else in my family is overweight.
  9. I do not have time to eat healthy.
  10. Losing weight is the biggest battle of my life.
  11. I do not have time to be healthy.
  12. I am helpless to heal myself.
  13. You got to die of something.
  14. Diets do not work.
  15. I do not have money to eat healthy.
  16. I do not want to be a health nut.
  17. We are who we are.
  18. You cannot change who you are.


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