How to Recognize Your Talents

Do you know how to recognize your talents? No one else is exactly like you, and that is your superpower! I imagine that you have heard this quote before. But this time I want you to really listen. There is no one else like you, you are unique, you are special, you are one of a kind, and that my friend is your superpower! So be you, be proud of who you are, your quirks, your little eccentricities, do not hide what makes you, you. Everyone has their unique talents; all they need to do is look, find them, and share them with the world.

So, if you feel as if you are just an ordinary face lost in a big crowd, but wish you could break free, then you have come to the right place. You are about to learn what you can do to recognize your special and innate talents. These concepts are all the tried and tested tips for the effective recognition of your talents.

1.    Deep Thinking about Your Talents

A little introspection is beneficial sometimes. Therefore, the first step to discovering things you are good at is to take a trip into your memory and think about all the things you have enjoyed doing in the past. Think about hobbies, conversations, trips, meals, or hobbies that made you smile. What are the things you do that make you actually feel better after or while doing them? The answers may surprise you. Try doing them again. We often enjoy things we are good at, you may learn something new about yourself.

Take a Minute to Think

Take a minute to think about the things you enjoy doing. Was that always the case? Did you enjoy doing that thing from the very first second? Often we find things that are enjoyable that line up with our natural skills or innate talents. But enjoyment can also be learned, you may remember something that was difficult and even unpleasant the first time or two that you did it, but as you got better at it your enjoyment increased. You may have skills that you have learned, those can be some of the most valuable skills you possess.

If you can remember what it took for you to learn and become good at a particular thing, you may be able to teach it to others. Understand that I am saying, you can teach other people to do what you have learned to do. The main point is that you do not have to be an all knowing exemplary expert in a subject in order to teach it to others. You do however, need to be honest about your skill level and knowledge about a subject. Avoid or alleviate feelings of imposter syndrome by not pretending to be something you are not. Keep in mind, you can make a very good living teaching others what you know.

2.    Leave Your Comfort Zone

You can never reach new heights if you always stay in your comfort zone! A greater level of success lies beyond your comfort zone. It is very likely that your comfort zone is so comfy because it is familiar. You become comfortable doing anything that you have been doing for a long time. But comfort does not lead to growth. Growing pains are not pleasant, but they serve a purpose. Look out of your rut, and make a decision to try new things.

We all understand that the vast majority of people are not fans of having their peace disturbed. They want more but are not willing to give more for it. Keep in mind, you must re-pot a plant that has outgrown its current container or it will suffer without additional growth and in some cases even die. There is a saying I heard a long time ago, “If you want to have what others can’t have, you must be willing to do what others won’t do.”

Therefore, you need to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk. You might be afraid of falling, but I believe you should focus only on the bright side. Think about all the possibilities that can come once you start living the life you always knew you deserved. Learning to recognize your talents comes at a price, but make no mistake, it is worth every penny and drop of sweat.

3.    Take Action to Recognize Your Talents

One of the best ways to leave your comfort zone is to take action! It is about time we let you in on a big secret. Motivation is a hoax! If you keep waiting for the magical motivation to energize you to act, then you will be in for a long wait. The way we see it, motivation is a result of the action. Acting is the first step toward becoming motivated.

It does not matter if you have a slow start; all you need to do is take the leap of faith and start from wherever you are. Because you will finally be doing the something that will generate positive results. These results will then motivate you even more to do even better. Therefore, get going now! There is no time like the present. It will not be easier tomorrow. You know what you need to be doing to recognize your talents, here is your permission to start doing it.

4.    Travel

Sometimes you just need a change of pace and scenery. Not to mention, staying too long in one place often stiffles or limits your thinking. Traveling gives you numerous experiences, and you get to learn a lot more from different cultures and different people. When you are able to change your point of view or reference, it alters the way to see and define everything else in your life. Ever feel like where you live is all of reality? Hop on an airplane and you quickly see where you were is just a tiny little speck in the reality of everything.

Even driving out of town can help you change the way you think about things. I believe that travel is one of the best things you can do for yourself on a regular basis. The best part is the way it changes the way you see and think about yourself.

5.    Be Aware of Your Weaknesses and Strengths

Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses. While we are aware of them, for the most part, nothing is as black and white as writing them down. It is best to note them down in order to have a clear picture of what you are really good at. Put down everything that you are good at. Let’s say for instance, you might be a creative individual who is good at creating interesting scenarios in your head, or you might be good at a game of chess that shows your strong reasoning skills, be sure to write them all down. This is a brain dumping exercise. There are no wrong answers, and one thing will probably lead to another, you may again become surprised by what you find.

Similarly, write down what you struggle with. This list may just be the ticket to finding your hidden talents. you might have trouble with adhering to deadlines, or you might end up procrastinating a lot of the time. Once you compare the two lists you may see you only need to tweak a few things to be great at many of the things you labeled as weaknesses before.

6.    Personality Tests

One of the most dreaded questions at an interview is, tell us about yourself? often people have a hard time figuring out their personality quirks, but that is completely normal. So if you are interested in finding out more about yourself, you can try taking an online personality quiz. While the free and category generally assessed or completely unassessed quizzes or inventories are a very general picture of the real you, it can be a great place to learn about yourself.

You may learn about sides of your personality you were unaware of previously. So if you become uncomfortable with anything you learn, you should find a counselor, coach, or therapist to help give you guidance or direction.

7.    Final Thoughts

It might take some time, but you can find the true calling that will set you apart from the mainstream crowd with the right direction and effort. Learning to recognize your talents will allow you to be more successful in everyday life. If you are having a difficult time finding the things that make you shine, then reread our tips to help you discover your talents. Or Join us on Facebook and allow your peers to help you see what you are truly good at. Also, if you are interested in learning more about what a growth mindset is read the article “What is a Growth Mindset?”


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