Do I Have Teacher Burnout?

If you are asking yourself if you have teacher burnout it is most likely that you are a teacher, and you are experiencing some uncomfortable things. The first thing to recognize is that what you are experiencing may be stress, but it might be burnout.

There are a few things you can ask yourself to figure out if what you are going through is actual burnout or simply excessive stress. Below you will find a chart to quickly learn the difference between the symptoms of each.

Stress vs. Burnout                                                                           


Do I Have Teacher Burnout?
  • Characterized by over-engagement
  • Emotions are overreactive
  • Produces urgency and hyperactivity
  • Loss of energy
  • Leads to anxiety disorders
  • Primary damage is physical
  • May kill you prematurely


  • Characterized by disengagement
  • Emotions are blunted
  • Produces helplessness and hopelessness
  • Loss of motivation, ideals, and hope
  • Leads to detachment and depression
  • Primary damage is emotional
  • May make life seem not worth living

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Do Teachers Get Burnout?

Yes! Teachers are getting burnout at an alarming rate. It is often due to a lack of support from administration, too many responsibilities, outrageous expectations, and inadequate technology. But there are many other more personal reasons teachers are burning out.

Consider this, after all the time and effort it takes to become a teacher, nearly 50% of new teachers quit the entire profession within their first year. That indicates that we are either not teaching teachers the profession, or we are abusing them once they start teaching.

It does not take much to completely gut new teachers that are just starting out. They often have romantic ideas about teaching and helping children, only to discover that the reality of the job is far from what they had expected. The teaching industry is changing so quickly that by the time students make it through school and then begin to teach, everything they remember about school is often already gone.

How Do You Know if You Have Teacher Burnout?

If you are asking yourself if you have teacher burnout or not indicates that you are at least aware you are experiencing something that is not right. The easiest way to figure out if what you are suffering from is actual teacher burnout is to take the FREE Teacher Burnout Quiz. You will instantly find out your risk level and then receive a custom action plan to overcome teacher burnout painlessly within 24 hours based on the answers you gave in the quiz.

Why is it important to know if you are experiencing burnout as a teacher? Because you cannot fix what you do not realize is a problem. There are some easy and small changes teachers can make to drastically change the way they experience the stresses of teaching in today’s climate. Teachers are being forced to become more resilient and resourceful each semester. This often requires more and more from an already over-tapped source.

Learning to see the world from another point of view or perspective is becoming extremely important. The ability to redefine and reframe what teachers are having to go through is the first step to recovery.

What is the Most Common Cause of Teacher Burnout?

While there are many different causes, the most common and misunderstood cause is time. I know it’s probably the frustration caused by time misuse, but let’s call it time. Time spent doing things that are not of measurable value in the task of teaching students.

That unpopularly includes the time spent preparing for standardized testing. It includes teacher in-service days for meetings that are wasted on useless training. It includes most of the online teaching being done to students who are not capable, mentally or physically, to learn without in-person contact.

The list of time-wasting events and tasks is endless. In fact, most teachers could cut the number of things they are forced to do in half if they were given the freedom to simply ensure that students were meeting their learning objectives. And if the learning objectives were actually measured by the real-world understanding of the material, rather than a standardized test.

What Does Teacher Burnout Look Like?

Teacher burnout most often presents itself as a deep feeling of hopelessness. It is different from being overstressed in that it does not carry heavy or extreme emotional expressions. If you are still feeling very angry at your situation, you may not have tipped over into burnout yet, but you may be well on your way. Being overstressed for an extended period of time without a clear answer to the problems can lead to burnout.

If you feel like you are experiencing the onset of teacher burnout, you may want to take the FREE Teacher Burnout Quiz and find out if what you are experiencing is truly burnout. When you take the quiz, you get your risk level score immediately and will receive your custom action plan based on the answers you give in the quiz within 24 hours.

How Do I Push Through My Teacher Burnout?

Pushing through or overcoming teacher burnout requires that you make a few painless changes. Balance is extremely important. Learning to live life in balance takes a deliberate effort to change some things in your life. The most important change is the addition of intent. When you live intentionally you are able to affect the outcome of things that happen to and around you.

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How Long Does It Take to Recover from Teacher Burnout?

It takes less time than you might think to recover from teacher burnout. But it greatly depends on how far burnt out you are, as well as the causes of your burnout. If you are able to change the circumstances of your burnout, change can come very quickly.

If you are not able to change the circumstances causing your burnout, recovery is a bit tougher and takes a bit longer. It requires you to change your perception. If you are able to change the way you perceive your circumstances, and the way you perceive yourself, you can overcome the symptoms of burnout much more easily and faster.

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Is it normal to feel burned out?

No, it is not normal to feel burned out. Nor is it normal to feel overstressed. But is it a normal reaction to the circumstances you find yourself in? The answer is probably yes. If you are finding out that you are in the middle of a spiral heading to total burnout, do not blame yourself. Teachers are one of the professions that experience the symptoms of burnout more often than most.

That does not mean, however, that you need to feel that way. In fact, there are a few things you can do right now to overcome the feelings of teacher burnout. The key to getting a custom action plan to overcome the symptoms of teacher burnout is to take the FREE Teacher Burnout Quiz. You will receive your risk level immediately and be sent a custom action plan based on the answers you give in the quiz. What are you waiting for? Find out if what you are experiencing is truly teacher burnout and get your custom action plan today.


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