Is Teacher Burnout Real

Teacher Burnout: A Real and Serious Problem

If you’re a teacher, you’ve probably heard the term “teacher burnout“. And you probably know how it feels. It happens to nearly every teacher sooner or later. There are many factors, and they only seem to be worsening. It may be the result of long days at school, trying to keep up with unmanageable workloads, or working in a chaotic setting. Either way, it’s often the cause of severe frustration, stress, and fatigue.

Burnout is a very real problem for many teachers. The effects are devastating and can linger on for years. It can make you feel physically and emotionally tired, and even lead to depression. It can be so devastating that you may not even want to go to work each day -even though you once loved teaching.

A Growing Concern: Teacher Burnout

Burnout among teachers is a very serious and growing concern. In fact, over 90% of teachers are experiencing stress from a range of sources, and up to 40% experience severe burnout. Teacher burnout is a real problem in our education system.

Teachers are human too. They work hard, have families, and try to balance everything else in their lives. We know it’s not easy and there are often many distractions. But we also know that the quality of our schools depends on good teachers and a school culture that supports them. 

Dispelling a Few Myths

First, I want to look at a few myths about teacher burnout. These false beliefs are hindering educators from finding the assistance they need to overcome the hurdles of burnout.

  1. Teacher burnout is a natural part of teaching. I have heard this too many times among administrators and educational leadership. I do not believe that teachers naturally go through feelings of burnout. It is because they are not getting enough support and direction.
  1. Teachers should just buck-up. The physical and emotional toll teacher burnout is having on educators is not due to the fact they are not strong enough or prepared for their role as an educator. They are simply not given enough autonomy to flex their classroom curricula to match their students learning styles. Teachers should be able to teach using their skills as people who are lead to teach.
  1. Teachers are overworked, and there is no solution. The solution is quite clear. Teachers are being overworked and the system is to blame. The standardized system of teaching children is outdated and has been shown to be ineffective for educating the minds of our children. We must give those with a passion for teaching space to burn brightly rather than just force them to burnout.

What Can Be Done?

Is teacher burnout real?

This is something that needs to be addressed immediately and with compassion.

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