The Ever-Growing List of Examples of Growth Mindset

The easiest way to gain understanding is to read through examples of growth mindset. Because it is more than just a simple definition. Having a growth mindset is valuable because it places your point of view about life in a different place than most. You are able to see opportunities others cannot. Which allows you to have what seems like an unfair advantage over the masses.

In fact, a growth mindset is such a powerful place to start everything I believe it is something we should all aspire to have. It should be taught in school each year because it makes learning all the other subjects easier. The following are 20 of the best examples of growth mindset to deepen your understanding of what it means.

As you read through the following list, try to imagine implementing these ideas into your life. If you are able to incorporate these examples, you will find new opportunities in life. As a mindset-shifting student, you might decide to join my growing FB group called The Bindless Mindset, where you can get access to workshops that can transform your mind very quickly.

Examples of Growth Mindset

1. It’s never too late to learn

2. Consider unsuccessful attempts as learning opportunities

3. constructive criticism is appreciated

4. Trying leads to improvement

5. Examples are used for inspiration

6. What can be done better next time?

7. With determination one can accomplish anything

8. Become a lifelong learner

9. The results don’t define the person

10. Potential is unlimited

11. Become comfortable with discomfort

12. Challenges are opportunities to learn

13. Approval comes from within

14. Dream bigger

15. Be patient

16. Gain strength from adversity

17. Believe in yourself

18. Be willing to try new approaches

19. Always add the word YET after every failed attempt

20. Believe in the process

Please add your favorite examples of growth mindset to the list in our FB group to see them added to this list 🙂

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