Why a Debt Calulator is Important

My debt snowball tool is an easy-to-use calculator that incorporates a calendar to show you the progress of each payment each month and how quickly you can pay off all of your outstanding bad debts using it.

This Powerful tool will allow you to quickly adjust how much you can scrape up to get started. It also easily illustrates the difference just adding a few extra dollars to your monthly budget can make. Save it and adjust the payments and debts as you go. It enables you to stay motivated as you watch the debts fall away and your freedom date gets closer and closer.

It will take you a few minutes to fill in the initial information, but it will be worth it in the long run. This Snowball Tool is a great way to plan your future and keep track of your progress as you pick up speed eliminating your bad debts.

To learn more about the difference between bad and good debt please read my guide to good debt article. It will illustrate the difference between the types of debt, how to establish and use good debt to build wealth, and why it not taught in school. Find the guide in the money section of the site or use this link. Guide to Good Debt.

The Debt Snowball Tool

Simply fill in the information below and download your free debt snowball calculator now. Note: I promise to never sell or share your information with anyone. I also swear I will never spam your email, I'm far too busy to even send you much of what you would like, let alone anything you don't. AJ