5 Easy Tips for Staying Motivated

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No matter what your goal or dream is, you will need the motivation to achieve it. Motivation is like fuel in a car that keeps you moving towards your goal. However, there are times when we feel less motivated or lose all our motivation, what we should do then? No matter where you are, you can always create and foster motivation by following some tips and tricks that can make a big difference in your life.

The 5 Easy Tips for Staying Motivated

Keeping yourself motivated is the ability, and unfortunately, not all people have the skills to do so. However, you do not have to worry because there are numerous ways through which you can keep yourself motivated. In this section, we will explain the best 5 tips for staying motivated.

Set Realistic Goal:

One of the biggest reasons people fail to keep themselves motivated is because they set an unrealistic goal. As a result of which they cannot get their desired result and end up with little or no motivation. Therefore, whenever you are setting your goals, make sure that it is something that is achievable. One of the best ways to goal setting is to use SMART goals. More precisely, you need to set a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based goal. If you set your goalkeeping these points into consideration, it would be easy for you to achieve them. Therefore, you will feel more sense of responsibility towards your dream, and in turn, it will keep you motivated.

Have a Support System:

When chasing their dreams, many people ignore that fact that they may need a support system. However, no matter how good and efficient you may be, there will certainly be a time when you need a support system. Therefore, always try to surround yourself with people that support you because it can keep you motivated. Consequently, you will strive harder to chase your dream. Besides, whenever you feel dejected to dishearten due to any failure or setback in your way, you can turn to your support system to get the necessary motivation. Moreover, instead of struggling alone to be stuck in nowhere, it is better to turn to someone and ask for help. There is a high possibility that they might have the answer to your problem that you may not have.

Celebrate Small Success:

Almost 90 percent of people are focused on their long-term goal and as a result they cannot see their small success. We all know that it took some time to fulfil our main or long-term goal. However, on our way towards our goal, we encounter numerous small successes which we ignore most of the time. Never ignore these moments of small successes and celebrate each one of them. It can give you a sense of achievement and thus motivate you to achieve anything with passion and determination. These small successes are your little steps towards your goal. Moreover, it can give you a reason to keep going without giving up halfway.

Make It Fun:

Do not think that it is your liability to work towards your goal. Instead, you need to change your mindset and think that you always desire and want. To stay motivated we human beings need to change. Therefore, try to find a fun way to excel in your goal. In this not only can you keep motivated, but you will also feel good and find some of the best and most interesting ways to achieve your goal. Bringing a variety is not only great for your psychology but is also good for you physically. Try to see things in a different light.

Recognize Your Roadblocks:

There are times when we are trying everything possible, but still, we will not get our desired results. Why is that happening in the first place? Have you ever thought about the roadblocks or things that are stopping you from achieving your goals? It might happen because you lack skills in one area, or you might not possess the right qualities required to do a certain job. Consequently, you will face constant failure, and you will end up losing your motivation. Therefore, at any point if you feel less motivated, try to find these roadblocks and if you encounter them try to solve it.

Although we have explained tips to stay motivated, there are still some queries that many of us face. Therefore, let us have a look at them.

1. How Do You Stay Motivated Constantly?

We all have experienced that whenever we start something new, we feel extremely motivated and energetic. However, as time passed by, we started to lose our motivation as well as the interest in the task. Due to which most people gave up on their dream’s midway. If you do not want to compromise on your dreams and want to see it till the end, you need constant motivation. But the question is, how do you stay motivated constantly? In this section, we will give you an answer to your query.


Try to visualize your success daily. For example, if your dream is to win a gold medal in Olympics than visualize it see. See yourself standing on the podium, receiving the gold medal. It can re-energize you and will help you to stay motivated because it has a direct impact on your performance and motivation. You do not have to do anything put of the box or out of your comfort zone; all you must do is visualize yourself achieving your dream. Once you do this exercise, you will feel like your body is filled with new energy, enthusiasm, and motivation.  

Establish a Reward System:

We have already mentioned in the above section as not to ignore your small successes. Create a reward system for yourself, like when achieving a certain goal, you will give yourself a gift or a reward. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, go on shopping or have one cheat day after achieving your goal. By giving yourself a reward, you are giving your subconscious mind a message that all your hard work is appreciated. As a result of which you will get a signal to stay motivated. Whenever you achieve one short-term goal, give yourself a reward but make sure they are different every time.

Look for The Bigger Picture:

When we are trying to achieve our goals, obviously there are times when we feel dejected or demotivated due to the failures we encounter. However, at that moment do not let your motivation vanish. Instead of looking at a smaller picture and on timely failures, look for the bigger picture. For example, your goal is to lose 15kg of weight in 5 five months, and you have broken it down to lose 10 pounds in two weeks. In case you have failed to lose 10 pounds in a week, do not let it wash away your motivation. Instead think that you still have time and opportunity to lose weight in the remaining time. Train your brain to keep your top-tier goal in mind instead of focusing on small failures.

Break Down the Goal into Smaller Pieces:

This point is related to the above point. It is not possible to achieve big thongs and targets in a blink of an eye. Therefore, you need to break down your top-tier goal into smaller pieces so that it would be easier to achieve them. Moreover, you can set deadlines with these smaller targets. For example, if your goal is to organize your closet, you can break it into smaller goals by starting with your shoes than the bag section after which comes the jewelry section, and in last you will organize your clothes. In this way, not only would it be easier to achieve your goal, but it would also consume less time and energy.

Keep track of Your Progress:

To keep ourselves motivated, we need to keep track of our progress so that we will not get lost in the mid-way. Most of the times, the main reason why we lost our motivation is that we have no track of our progress. As a result, we have no idea how far r distant; we are from our goal consequently; we end up with zero motivation. However, when you keep a keen eye on your progress and each step you took towards your goal, it can help you to stay constantly motivated and work harder for your goal.

2. How Do Beginners Stay Motivated?

It is always difficult to take the first step. However, when you start everything will become easier. Similarly, for beginners, it would be a little difficult to stay motivated. However, with few tips and tricks and little effort, they can easily improve their motivation level. If you are also a beginner and want to know how you can stay motivated, this section is for all of you.

Change Your Perspective:

The first and most important thing you need to do is to change your perspective. Instead of thinking like a lazy person (a couch potato) think like an athlete. However, it may sound like a big challenge initially; however, it will not be difficult once you start practicing it. Instead of thinking that your dream is too big to achieve, think that you can do anything with form determination and passion. You will automatically feel motivated once you change the way you see the world. Take off your glasses of fear and see the world in a completely different and new light. Do not doubt your choices instead think of ways to make them right and how you can make them right.

Get Rid of a Self-Imposed Barrier:

Sometimes, the biggest reason for our failures and not staying motivated is our self-imposed barriers. Therefore, as a beginner, it is very important to free yourself from all these barriers only then you will be able to witness your desired results. For example, you may want to learn programming but think it is too difficult for you to learn. But if we see it from a different angle, it just means that you are too afraid to try something new and are just finding excuses. Therefore, never allow these barriers to hold you back.

Be Clear About Your Goal:

Be clear about your goals and what you want from life because ambiguity and confusion will not do any good. All you will get from this confusion is a failure and ending up at a starting point. Therefore, to avoid all this makes sure you can understand your goals in the beginning. Ask yourself what you want, what is your dream. For example, if you want to be a programmer, there is no need to sit in an engineering class to see whether you are interested in it. Try to be as precise and accurate about your dream as you can. Thus, it can help you to stay motivated.

Come Up with a Plan:

Although you accurately knew about your goal still, it will not do you any good if you do not have a plan. Come up with a plan that can help you to achieve your goal. For example, if you want to lose weight, come up with a plan. Plan with which exercise you would go like cardio, strength training etc. and how many days of a week you need to exercise. Without a proper plan, is there no way you can get closer to your dreams?

3. How Can I Improve My Self-Motivation?

It is always easier to give advice or to develop a plan in your mind. However, when it comes to actually working that plan, many of us lack motivation. Therefore, apart from being organized and excited, we also need some self-motivation only to work towards our goal. Self-motivation is the fuel in the car that can help it to move towards its destination. Similarly, self-motivation fuels us to work for our goal.

Develop a Positive Habit:

One of the best methods to keep oneself motivated is by developing a positive habit. You can develop a new habit that can help you to achieve your goal. No matter which positive habit you develop the key is consistency and repetition. When you do something new repeatedly, it can wear your brain and help you create incremental improvements. For example, if you want to compete in a 5k run then adopt a habit that can help you build strength and stamina. You can go with exercise or yoga. Even an improvement of one percent can take you closer to your dream.

Self-Motivating Talk:

How you think and perceive yourself has a great impact on your motivation level. Therefore, never think negatively about yourself or talk about yourself negatively. Practice positive self-talk and focus on your good and positive points. It can trick your brain and because of which you will feel more motivated. Do not be harsh on yourself, and even if you make a mistake, give yourself a little freehand. You will be what you think of yourself. Therefore, whenever you think about yourself, always think in a positive tone. Moreover, avoid habits like procrastination, eating badly, working too little, being disorganized, lying, and losing things that can affect your motivation.

Know Yourself:

This may sound a little absurd to some; however, the reality is most of us do not know themselves. Therefore, you can motivate yourself when you do not even know yourself. Try to learn about yourself as much as possible. Learn about your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses and your fears. Once you are familiar with yourself, you will know when your motivation sucks and when your motivation is at its peak. Everything works according to a pattern, and you need to find this pattern.


How to stay motivated every day?

There is nothing difficult to stay motivated every day. You can do this by staying optimistic, making a checklist of your goals, and tracking your progress periodically, by loving yourself and rewarding yourself on your small achievements.

How to stay motivated at work?

We all started our job with high motivation and enthusiasm. However, after some time, it all vanishes. Therefore, to stay motivated at work, you need to:
1. Make a proper plan on how you can achieve your goal.
2. Limit all the distractions that are hurdles between you and your goal.
3. Set realistic deadlines instead of being over-promising to do everything.
4. Focus on the task that is in your hand and then moves on to the next one.
5. Organize your workplace so that you can work in a relaxing and refreshing environment.

What are strategies to stay motivated?

There is nothing difficult to keep oneself motivated if you learn the right strategies to do so. Some of the best strategies to stay motivated include:
1. Always remember that ninety percent of motivation is internal, therefore focus more on yourself than your surroundings.
2. Try to challenge yourself with a goal daily.
3. Create a personal reward system to stay motivated.
4. Surround yourself with positive and motivated people.

How to stay motivated in school?

Students always struggle with motivation. If you want to know how to stay motivated in school, follow these tips:
1. Try to focus on high-impact activities. Your focus should be on your coursework.
2. Find a social network that can provide you with full support and motivation.
3. Set goals that are realistic and attainable.
4. Try to acknowledge your accomplishments and reward yourself for your small achievements.  

How to stay motivated to study?

Here are some of the best tips to stay motivated to study:
1. Create a proper timetable and do follow it.
2. Do not forget to take breaks as it can freshen your mind and refill you with motivation.
3. Try to have a proper study area for a complete focus on your studies.
4. If you are stuck or need help, just ask for it.

How to stay motivated to succeed?

To stay motivated to succeed, you need to:
1. Have a keen eye on your success.
2. Visualize your success
3. Have a proper plan of how you can achieve your goals.
4. Add some fun and variety if your routine starts to become monotonous.

How to stay motivated to work out?

I am sure all of us have faced this issue when we try to work out, but we forget about it after some time. It mostly happens due to a lack of motivation. Therefore, here are some tips to help you stay motivated to work out:
1. Make the workout fun so it would be easier to get up and do it.
2. Try to blend your workout into a regular part of your daily routine and not some additional activity you have to do.
3.Try to start a workout with your friends or family.
4.Show some flexibility, and in case you miss your exercise routine on a certain day, it should not derail your whole plan.

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