The Motivation Master Key | The Master Key to Motivation

Motivation Master Key

Do you wish there was a foolproof way or a “master key” that would allow you to motivate people? I mean a way to get them to energetically do what was in their best interest without having to be pushed? A magical motivation master key.

Well, there is such a key, and I am going to share it with you.

The first thing you need to understand is facts do not motivate. It is nearly pointless to attempt to get anyone to do anything by stating the facts.

The thing that creates motivation is a feeling. That’s right it’s a feeling- but let me explain which type of feeling we are talking about. I say type because it is a “feeling” and not necessarily an emotion.

Wait for it…

Motivation is Easy

People always do… what they “feel” like doing. I know you are probably thinking “Well duh?! Everybody knows that.” But here’s the secret that makes this little tidbit of information vital to understanding the master key to motivation.

Say, for instance: If someone feels like fitting into a dress for a wedding, they won’t eat the donut, no matter how much they might believe they would enjoy it. Because they feel like fitting in the dress more than they feel like enjoying a treat.

Or, if someone feels like waking up early, they will, but if they feel like sleeping in late, they will.

I know you’re thinking, “I don’t feel like going to work, but I still do it.” But I would answer that you want something more than not going to work… it might be the paycheck, it might be the things that job affords you like your car, home, food, freedom, etc.… what you “feel” like having or doing makes your decisions easy.

Whatever you “feel” like doing more always wins.

When Feelings are Involved, the Facts Don’t Matter

The motivation Master Key
Motivation Master Key

Now, let me explain how this works from a psychological perspective.

A fact is an event that happens.

We experience the event through our senses.

The way we see the event determines our focus.

We focus on either the positive or negative aspects of the event.

We then describe the event, through self-talk.

The words we use to describe the event, define it.

That definition creates our belief about the event, (either positive as trust or negative as doubt).

-positive (trust) is a belief in an event outcome that we desire.

-negative belief (doubt) is a belief in an event outcome that we do not desire.

When I say positive and negative, I am not referring to good or bad. I mean it more in the mathematical sense, such as positive (adding) and negative (taking away).

If we have a positive belief, we get energized with anticipation and excitement, (good anxiety).

If we have a negative belief, we get drained from fretful and anxious, (bad anxiety).

When we are excited and anticipating something, we are filled with motivation.

When we are fretting and anxious about something we get stuck and procrastinate, so we can try to avoid the unwanted negative outcome.

Our Brains and Motivation Master Key

Because our brains, especially our unconscious or subconscious do not understand the negative form of thought, focusing on the unwanted outcome, makes it more likely to occur. Stripping us of our motivation.

Remember, what we focus on becomes our outcome. One of my favorite examples of this concept is when you are trying to teach someone to drive a car for the first time. You know what I mean, you are sitting in the passenger seat, moving slowly while still in the neighborhood with the new driver clutching the wheel tightly. Suddenly you look through the windshield and notice the car is slowly but surely veering toward the parked car on the right side of the road. You instinctively point down the center of the road and yell “look where you want to go, not at what you don’t want to hit!” Because you know that it is important to keep your eyes on the road. Because where you look the car ultimately goes.

If you want something- focus on it, do not waste a single second focused on the thing you want to avoid.

The Motivation Master Key

So, this means the master key to motivation, or the motivation master key is the focus of our belief. Trust unlocks motivation and doubt locks motivation up. If you are sturggling with believing you are able to motivate yourself you may be struggling with limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being who you want to be.


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