The Law of Attraction & Multi-Level Marketing

The law of Attraction applies to multi-level marketing in a lot of different approaches. First, consider the core principle behind it “like attracts like.” This is of specific importance here as in multi-level marketing. You are aimed at developing an integrated network with people and form connections that are beneficial for the prosperity of the business.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a philosophy. It highlights positive attitudes and brings positive results into people’s life. While negativity brings negative outcomes to people. The principle is based on the core belief that your thoughts are energy. Positive energy will attract prosperity, happiness, and success in all its forms.

How Does it Work?

It is about embodying the things that you want to attract and believe that they will happen for you. Also, it includes allowing those things to happen and taking action to develop what you want in your life.

So, let’s think you want to utilize the law of attraction for attracting a clientele who pays you more than usual. Maybe get things started with an affirmative thought like, “My business pulls extraordinary clients that can and are willing to pay our fees.”

You enable yourself to embody and experience that thought. Possibly try writing the new revenue numbers on the sales board. You might spend time expressing gratitude for the new customers that you believe will be coming right around the corner.

Finally, you can use those thoughts as well as beliefs to drive your actions. You spend time connecting with your potential clientele, schedule sales demos and put the word out with the network that you are looking for referrals. Because you know that the actions you take will bring you closer to your desired results.

What Are the 7 Laws of Attraction? (The Law of Attraction in 7 Rules)

The seven laws of attraction are manifested as follows:

  1. The Law of Manifestation – you have to be consciously aware of all the things you are doing and live in the moment for following this law. As you do this carefully, you will see things revealing for themselves – thus the name.
  2. The Law of Magnetism – you get the energy frequency you give away, just like a magnet. This magnetism is perpetually present in the universe. So, make sure the energy you release is positive.
  3. The Law of Pure Desire – your intention comes of paramount importance in attracting the wanted things in life. With the help of pure intention, things like fear and doubt fade, and you have your way clear.
  4. The Law of Paradoxical Intent – as elaborated, means showing gratitude and appreciation for the things you already own. This makes you balanced as well as in peace, so your desperation remains faded.
  5. The Law of Harmony – uses the deep-rooted energy we need to align ourselves with all the energy flowing. When this flows, you grant yourself access to everything the universe has to offer. It means more creation, power, abundance, and desire.
  6. The Law of Right Action – reveals how actions speak much louder than just words. Just like a magnet, the integrity you put into the world would reveal itself back in similar ways.
  7. The Law of Expanding Influence – we influence our circle in a multitude of ways – through bringing this power consciously, we can bring different reactions, actions, and thoughts into perfection.

Can the Law of Attraction Help Me Grow My Business?

The Law of attraction can help you manifest the best you want in your professional life. This law of attraction would help you grow in your business if you follow all the rules stated above and take accountability for your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. This would help you reach the point you want with the best tools – your mindset to mention as the first and foremost tool that should come to your mind.

Businesses and network building are profoundly built on attracting more people, building credibility, trust, and the relation of companionship with people. The win/win approach’s intention would help your business grow in the best way possible where you not only pave ways for your success but also help other people reach their business goals. When you manifest this power, more and more people would be attracted to you and give you the best opportunities to grow your business even stronger than before.

This works even if you are a startup as well. Many people desire to attract more numbers of clients. They will even create a wide circle of people to form a network. However, this is often just a temporary success and does not always lead to the ultimate goal. One must be honest about their intentions and help other people form stronger relationships.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Grow Your Professional and Personal Networks?

If you think you can do anything or if you think otherwise, that thinking would come to manifest itself sooner or later in life. This is the basic principle of the law of attraction that helps you give the momentum to get ahead in life. Now, the law of attraction is applicable in any facet of life you can think of, especially regarding things related to connectivity.

This law works equally well for personal or professional relationships. You can use the law of attraction to attract as many people to you as you want. People that are truly relevant to your goal. The idea is to manifest and deeply follow the rules that apply to your business or profession.

Try to Stay Consistent

It is a constant choice you will have to make in every step of the business you do. You must be consistent in your visualization practice. The approach would include creating a dream board for your business, for example. By putting a board somewhere where you can see it every day, you would naturally become motivated to attain your goals. You would start noticing yourself doing unanticipated things that would help you move closer to your business goals by the day.

When you are manifesting this law, you are meeting the people around you with the energy you want to attract. So, think about portraying the version you want to get to so only those people come to you that you want to attract ultimately. This will help you build strong networks and bonds that would help you get to the point where you want to go.

To make things precise, the kinds of networks you want to attract are, after all, a subjective approach, and everyone has their own ways of attracting people for network buildup. Considering this, it is important to take note of your thoughts and behaviors not only in your personal life but also while dealing with other people, so you manifest the law of attraction in the right way.

Why Network Marketing is the Perfect Business Example of the Law of Attraction?

There are a lot of people out there who get themselves involved in multi-level marketing or network marketing each year. A lot of companies that offer big opportunities are there with the aim to make a huge amount of money as they market a superior product. These people make well into the six-digit figures and account for a huge success in this type of marketing.

If you are embarking on the journey to success in network marketing, then you have to acknowledge that your capacity of earning a lot of cash is attainable and easily possible in every way. The key is to actually follow the absolute success in different scales of network marketing.

Deciding on a Network Marketing Company

When you want to select a company, you have to ensure that you are satisfied with the payment program, training, and recruitment. If you think the products do not impress you personally, you should not expect the clients to be impressed either. The right company that chooses to succeed in network marketing is the one that you believe in.

You also need to attract the right sponsor. Each person’s sponsor would know very little about building the right business down the lane in often cases, so make sure your sponsor isn’t one of them. If they don’t have much experience, you would require a lot of time and effort to reach your desired goals.

Using the skills of an independent MLM Coach or trainer is the only option if you love the company but need extra help building the business.

Use These 9 Habits to Utilize the Law of Attraction:

Write Down Your Goals

Write down your important incentives and results for your multi-level marketing. It can be anything from building new connections to reach a sales goal by the end of a set period. As you write these goals, you would be better able to derive the best opportunities to get your business plan into running and manifesting the right energy for it.

Find a Mentor

As discussed in the previous section, a mentor can help you build up your multi-level marketing to a whole new scale. It can be anyone, for example, a sponsor who knows well how to set up and run a business in its best manner.

Set Mini-Goals

Set mini-goals for your business – rather than seeing the whole business as a single entity and getting overwhelmed by it, plan on having some set time frames and achieve practical, actionable goals that apply to the prosperity of your business.

Challenge your Limiting Beliefs

In network marketing or just any kind of business, there are some desires that are often ignored considering their magnitude. Don’t limit yourself to thinking that a certain thing goes a certain way. Instead, learn to break your old thought patterns and construct new ideas that help you go where you want to go.

Think of everyone-everyday as a gold level prospect

Remember the famous saying – live every day as it is your last day – and apply this thought to your business. When you consider every prospect and every working hour as an opportunity to turn your business into something extraordinary, you are actually attracting more enabling energy from the universe towards yourself.

Focus on Other People’s Personal and Professional Goals

If you are focusing on other people’s goals, you are actually giving yourself the opportunity to learn more and become a better version. This applies well to network marketing as it is hugely based on giving value to other people, that is the way how you can form beneficial relationships with other people, and by giving importance to their goals, you enable more room for your business growth.

Create Powerful Affirmations

You need to create strong affirmations that do not let you forget your main goal. This is a conscious effort you have to make and regularly manifest to ensure your actions are going toward a constructive path. That is why affirmations need to be strong enough, so you don’t ignore them in the process.

Spend Time Each Day Visualizing Success and The Path There

You need to spend time daily to visualize what your business path is and then work your way from there. It is easy to say that you do not have time to sit back and think over your journey every day, and it is understandable to a huge extent.

Teach Others

You create bigger and better opportunities for your business as you become a mentor. Teaching others and helping them achieve the goals they want. Spend time to teach others the power of positive manifestation. Be sure and include practical ways that would help them get what they want. This will help your network grow bigger and attract more capable people for you.

Take Away

In network marketing, the art of attracting more prospects and business people is how you grow. So, make sure you manifest your plans and desires and the law of attraction will help you get there. If you want more ideas to help you achieve your goals be sure to join the aaronjarrels Facebook Page.


How do you manifest a successful business?

You manifest a successful business the same way you manifest anything else. You have to envision it and imagine having a successful business. Ask yourself what a successful business looks like and has going for it? Then be sure to work hard making sure your business has the things you imagined, in that way you can manifest success in the manner you envision, rather than by someone else’s vision.

How do I use the law of attraction to find leads?

You have to envision what the perfect lead looks like, wears, talks like, everything, then when you open your eyes and you don’t see that person, you can more easily talk with everyone else, because you have no more fear of making a mistake while talking with that perfect lead. You can just relax and practice on everyone who does not fit the image of your perfect lead, and find loads of other leads while simply practicing, (so there’s no pressure).


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