Marriage Coaching is growing in popularity. The pandemic has brought with it challenges for us personally as well as our relationships. Marriage coaches are not as scary as counselors and for good reason. They do not have all the red tape binding them up.

You get help without it being reported to your insurance company and possibly your workplace. Privacy is not just possible but actual with a relationship coach. The only people who know you are getting help is you and them.

Marriage Coaching for Any Relationship

It does not matter if the state you live in “legally” considers you married or not, if you are in a committed relationship, living as a married couple, you can benefit from marriage coaching.

Marriage coaching can improve your relationship and even save your marriage.

Often couples wait far too long to get the help they need. Marriage coaching can help keep your marriage stay on track, improve your relationship and even avoid a possible breakup.

Couplehood drift is real. Couples who do not take the time to reconnect regularly end up slowly drifting apart. After several years into a marriage, spouses say things like “I don’t even know who they are anymore” or "I don’t think they even know who I am anymore". The “seven-year-itch” was coined long ago because this is very near when a spouse ends up finding someone to “cheat” with. The reason given is often because they feel they are no longer getting what they need in their marriage.

Do not let couplehood drift happen to you and your spouse. Stay connected with each other and the best way to do this is with the help of a skilled marriage coach.

When and why you should invest in marriage coaching

If you are questioning any part of your marriage, then you need to seek out relationship help. Many people are comfortable using consultants to maintain the performance of their cars, their retirement accounts, their bicycles, and even their homes. But pause when it comes to their most important investment, their marriage or their committed relationship. Think of your marriage coach as a consultant to maintain the performance of your relationship.

Research shows that the sooner you get help for your relationship, the better the results. Even if you’ve been struggling for a considerable time, coaching can dramatically help. It’s worth making the investment in a trained expert to get your most important relationship back on track.

How to find highly qualified marriage help

Marriage coaching is a consultation with a highly trained expert. It is similar to that of a consultation with a financial expert or a fitness coach. They help you reach the goals you have for your relationship, marriage, and couplehood. Research shows that maintaining your marriage properly and keeping it fit can improve the quality of your relationship.

With the right commitment and focus, you and your spouse can learn the skills that will strengthen your relationship. You can diminish conflict and find new ways to stay connected. You will learn to identify which areas of conflict are quickly handled and which will need more ongoing attention.

Can you attend marriage coaching without your spouse?

If your spouse is not ready to attend coaching at this time, you can benefit from it by attending alone. The main reason for this is, that you cannot fix anyone else, you can only change yourself. Often, when a spouse sees the difference you have made with the help of your coach, they ask to attend.

Only people who have serious marriage problems need to seek help. This is a common misconception. But in reality, people who seek the help of a relationship or marriage coach when they need it, are more prepared than the general population.

Why it’s important to find a relationship and couple's expert

Not all life coaches have specific training for working with couples. Finding an expert relationship coach in Omaha is not easy, and it’s important to call all of your available options and ask them questions.

Upwards of 80 percent of life coaches in private practice will work with couples, but only a handful have the specialized training, patience, and experience to help couples the way they need it. When it comes to professional help, choose a well-trained expertI am fully trained and specialize in helping couples in distress. Do not hesitate any longer, get the help your relationship needs.

What to do next?

  • Make an appointment to get marriage coaching
  • Read more about what happens in marriage coaching
  • If you are newlywed, this page may be helpful for you to find out how to keep your marriage strong over the long haul.
  • Take the relationship quiz to help you evaluate areas for improvement
  • Whether you come in alone or with your spouse, talking with an expert can help you improve your relationship and stay on track.

Marriage coaching can help with…

  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Intimacy
  • Problem Solving
  • Acceptance
  • Being a better partner
  • Recovering from infidelity

More resources for you and your partner

In an effort to bring more value to your life, or if you are not in the Omaha area, I have developed a list of free downloadable worksheets and exercises for you, as well as a series of free and paid lessons to help you effectively improve your relationship. Find them in the Resources for Couples section. Dive in and discover how these resources can benefit you and your partner.

Remember, that you can always… Change Your Mind and Transform Your Life™