The Power of Consistency

Distractions are everywhere. Most people cannot stay focused on any one thing for very long and miss out on the power of consistency. Being consistent in business is crucial, especially in multi-level or network marketing.

In the day and age we live in, networking and communication are widespread. Opportunities are everywhere, and resources are accessible (to a large extent) to everyone. It is easy to get confused about what to remain doing, and what to change. Often people think they need to chase the latest and greatest thing every chance they get in order to be successful. Well, that is not true!

Keep Current, but Consistent

When you dive into starting a business, the first thing that many do is to get your hands on all the techniques and resources you can to become successful. It’s natural; everyone entering into a specific niche should get the impulse to stand out in their market and find a way to boost themselves to make money and build rapport. These things take time. The consistent effort yields the most reward. Network marketing is not a get-rich-quick business. If you want to try to get rich quickly, look elsewhere.

One of the fundamental things you need to know about network marketing businesses is the power of consistency.

How is Consistency Important in a Business?

When you are not consistent about your business, you give way to second thoughts building in your mind – “Is this the business I really want to do?” “Does it have a future in the market some years from now?” “Am I even doing the right thing?” – And that is just the tip of the iceberg. While these may appear just as some random thoughts for you, giving in to these thoughts can get you into trouble. Not to mention your inconsistency gives these thoughts about your business to others.

Suppose you have invested a handsome amount of money in getting a business startup going. – But then you hear from a friend that a similar business is rolling into town. If you dwell too long overthinking about it, you might want to consider giving up. Starting over, or quitting is what most think about doing. That would mean all your investment would be gone.

Money isn’t the only thing you’d lose. You’d lose your motivation, time, and the capacity for greatness you had in the first place – each time you change your path to find or follow new opportunities in business network marketing; you lose your potential to go beyond your comfort zone. The endless cycle of starting over would result in no forward progress toward success.

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What Do You Need to Know?

Therefore, here are the things I believe are important in your pursuit of success and, of course, sustainability.


As discussed before, consistency is the most important thing that is necessary to accomplish success at anything, especially business. It has been observed that having a big goal, divided into smaller chunks, is key. However, if you maintain focus continuously you can climb a mountain without really getting overly stressed. Use this observation to help you on your journey.


Patience is the key to many of the tasks required to build a successful network business. People with a clear vision of where they want to go know that it is important to remain patient. Impatience causes mistakes. This is critically important in businesses as one has to go through long periods of endurance. It sometimes seems as though no progress is being made.

When you think no progress is being made but you are doing all the right things, it is most likely because you cannot see the forest through the trees. When you are in the thick of things it is difficult to see the bigger picture. This is where having a good upline, coach, or trainer is important because they can see what is actually being accomplished in your business.

External Support

No matter how much patience you have or how much strong your vision is regarding your business, if you don’t have the roadmap it can become discouraging. A fulfilling partnership that can help you get through the tough business times, makes it much more likely you will succeed in your venture.

Sure, many successful individuals have internal support in the form of motivation and confidence. However, external support makes everything easier. This kind of support should be attained from sources you can trust. Try finding support that is in line with your business goals. Someone who knows all the technical and business details you need for your business to thrive.

How Can an Up-Line Help You?

Ever heard about what an up-line is supposed to be? For starters, they act as external support you need in your business venture. They are the ones who probably helped get you started in your own independent distributorship network marketing business. For example, you want some help learning how to approach new prospects, they are there to help. They are there to assist you in hosting meetings, as well as product knowledge.

An up-line can help you get an insight into your business, monitor all the weaknesses and potential capabilities of your business. Which should ultimately help you stay dedicated and motivated. This way, sticking to one business marketing vehicle will help you stay active and enthusiastic about whatever your reason “why” is.

In this regard, an up-line can be a good coach for daily things you need to do. A great coach will teach you how to take things at a balanced pace. They will assist you in getting the things you need to move ahead in your business career. Your upline is like a personal coach that you have to help you make a difference in your business. Just keep in mind, you are the coach for your business downline. It is your responsibility to help and teach what you are taught. (Some plug into coaching groups like my free Insider’s Group for help)

An Up-Line is:

Your motivator behind your business is that you need to keep on track so you don’t make any mistakes that will cost you big in the end. Not only this, this professional would help you stay focused and in line with your goals and visions you have regarding a business, so you do not make any kind of mistake in the long run. That way, you know what you are doing.

Benefits of a Great Up-Line

The external support you would need to plan out and work on your existing business plan is going to be quite helpful for you in a myriad of ways. The idea is to find the right resources and gain the right support so you can actually start seeing the benefits of such support.

How Can an Independent MLM Coach Help You?

If you find that you need more than you are getting from your up-line, do not jump to a different business. Find an independent MLM or Network Marketing Coach or Trainer to help keep you motivated, and accountable. They can share with you how the power of consistency will transform your business from a hobby to a profitable venture.

You may not even need to schedule individual appointments to meet with your coach, for instance, the insider’s group I offer for free sends you valuable tips and techniques to your inbox that will boost your growth and motivation. The beauty of having an independent MLM coach like myself is I am not attached (or even affiliated) with any MLM or Network, so you can share the tips, techniques, videos, and articles with your downline and team without fear. My goal is to help all network marketers succeed.

Some of the amazing benefits you will see that appear to be simple but are, in fact, some of the key elements behind the success of your business are the following:

Save your Money

Shifting to new business networks and reaching out to new resources time after time can be quite a hefty for your bank amount. This is especially risky if you are investing by yourself in a business as a startup. Or if you are asking someone else to pay, for instance, taking a loan to start a business. In such a scene, saving your money should be your topmost priority. Especially if you cannot really afford a big leap or risk when it comes to making big investments.

In that case, saving your money is actually all you need in the first place. An Up-line would help you stay safe from the risky part of shifting and experimenting with new things that will not pay you in the end. As you stick to a cohesive and stable routine, you will see the power of consistency help your business flourish.

Get Motivated

Choose your network marketing vehicle (business) then stick with it. I know how overwhelming it can be to see shiny new opportunities every day. But mistakenly jumping from one idea to another, will not help us achieve success any quicker.

Getting motivated is important to move your business forward. It is just as important to stay motivated so you can maintain consistency. So, there are two things: Firstly, we need to stay motivated for our already running business. Secondly, and most importantly, we need to stay inspired about the right thing that we know is going to help us in the long run without getting all overwhelmed about it.

Practice Perseverance

Patience and perseverance are some of the most important key factors every successful business leader has in common. In this time of instant gratification, it is natural to want quick results and easy answers. Few have the patience to wait for the time it takes to be successful. Timing is often unpredictable and tiring for individuals to see real benefits. This is where sticking to one plan can become excruciating for some.

A lot of people might start having second thoughts and think what if what they are doing is not what is even needed in the market. The key to the problem is to work with consistency and have patience in the process. Without it, you will not be able to see the benefits – it takes time to gain the trust of your clients.

Create a Strong Vision

Having a strong and straight vision of your business is an important element needed for the stability and the survival of the business. By creating a strong vision, you are able to see between the lines. It pays to have a plan to grow your business with a proven strategy. This is just like creating a road map with your own hands. You must be steadfast about your plan and not let other opportunities get in the way. You will note a shift in how you and other people perceive your business.

For example, you can think of creating a website for your business after you reach a certain milestone. Let’s use revenue, and you are using some of the cost to build an online presence. Which should make your business better in the future. This would be a productive step made by you the business owner. Who needs enough vision to see ways for growing business revenue in better and clever ways.

This sadly is not the case for people who keep jumping ship halfway through the voyage. They think the other boat is going to be better. You have heard the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. It seems that way at least until you get there.

Stop and Think!

In short, the power of consistency is realized when you exercise it daily in your personal and business life. If you want help staying consistent and focused on your business follow my Facebook Page where I share tips, techniques, and motivation to help your network business grow.

We hope this article gave you an insight into how important it is to stick to your business networking idea and what you can do about it.


Why is consistency the key to success?

Because if you maintain doing the right thing long enough, you will succeed. If you keep changing things up rapidly, you cannot see the results of your labor or efforts. The power of consistency is that when you are consistent, you can make adjustments as needed and see the results of the changes.

What is the Power of Consistency

The power of consistency is that it allows you so measure the results of your efforts. When you can measure the results of your efforts it makes clear what is working and what needs adjusting. It is a way to actually measure success.


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