Why Network Marketing is a “No Risk” Business

Network Marketing Truly a No-Risk Business

Wait, what am I saying? Am I saying there is no risk involved in network marketing? How is that even possible? Is there even a business without risk? Is there any way you can believe any of this?

Probably not. And that is the first reaction of many people when they hear that network marketing is a no-risk business. Because all our lives we have heard that business is a risky thing and not everyone can successfully run a business. But that is what other business owners want you to believe, they need you to believe that so you will remain an employee of theirs.

Too often people give up on their dreams because they are told they can’t handle the risk of failure. But I am here to tell you, that the risk diminishes if you have the right help.

It’s Not What You Remember

What if I told you that there is a type of business with no risk, and it still offers you a chance to earn huge profits. It’s called network marketing. Oh, I’m sure you’ve had an annoying neighbor or cousin try to get you involved in a network marketing business that you had no interest in. But that is not what I’m talking about. I’ll show you what I mean shortly.

Hey! Did the phrase “No-Risk” grab your attention? In this article, I will explain in detail why network marketing is truly a ‘no risk’ business. So continue reading if you want to succeed in network marketing. 

Why Network Marketing is a “No Risk” Business

Anyone who has even a little bit of knowledge about ‘Network Marketing‘ must have heard about the term ‘no risk’ business. Many people claim that network marketing is a no-risk business. However, if you say the same term towards a layman, they will definitely ask you how it is a no-risk business because of the most obvious business risk. Therefore, how come there is no risk in network marketing.

Some of the main reasons why network marketing is considered a no-risk business are:

●       Small Investment:

Unlike most businesses where you need a large sum of investment in network marketing opportunities, you only need to invest $50 – $150 per month to remain active. There is no need to invest tens of thousands to start a company to spend in the name of overheads, salaries, taxes, insurance, and more. Thus, in this regard, you are not taking any risk by investing a large sum of money, and still, you are eligible to get an exponential reward.

For example, when you buy a product from your local retailer, you won’t get paid for shopping with them. On the contrary, when you buy from your own country, apart from getting paid for what you buy, you will also get a percentage of their overall volume.

●       Freedom and Flexibility:

Generally, when we do a business or even a job, we basically trade our hours with dollars. However, that is not the case for network marketing. There is no restriction on your time. You can work on your network marketing business at any time when you want. You can either keep this as a part-time, side business or any time. You have complete control over your time, and you can decide when you want to work on it. Besides, you can plan things according to your schedule without any difficulty.

Isn’t it great that without risking your important time you can earn huge profits? There is no need to gamble your freedom for your business. One thing is for sure that network marketing has the potential to let you earn a huge amount without risking anything.

●       Financial Opportunity:

I have already mentioned above that it requires a very minor amount like $50 – $150 to continue. However, it has a huge potential to unlock unlimited earning opportunities for you at the same time. It allows you to create a passive income and get paid for the work you did one time again and again. With only enough time and effort, you can unlock tremendous financial opportunities. Besides, asking you much this business provides you true leverage and, in turn, security. Due to this leverage, you can create true wealth. And if you successfully created a networking empire, it can become a great asset to you. Without you realizing it can become a great financial vehicle that can allow you to pursue all your dreams and goals.

●       Fun and Friendship:

We have no control over our colleagues and bosses in our workplace. Similarly, when we do business, we choose those people that can benefit us. Although network marketing is also similar, we still have complete freedom to choose our partner and who we want to work with. Not only are you working hard towards your success, but you will also have a chance to help others to succeed. Moreover, you will be able to celebrate your success with numerous other people through your various trips and training around the world.

●       Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities:

There will be many times when you will get both personal and professional growth opportunities. And believe me, you don’t have to pay or invest anything for them. These growth opportunities will ultimately make you a better person and a better businessman. You don’t have to risk anything for this. You will be able to get all these benefits thanks to network marketing. This is another reason why people call network marketing a no-risk business. Thanks to network marketing, you will be able to become the best version of yourself.

The term high-risk, high return is not applicable for network marketing. Because in network marketing, you don’t have to risk anything, and you will still enjoy its benefits.

Things Potential Network Marketers Should Know

Although there is little to no risk in network marketing, it still doesn’t guarantee that you will succeed. Why is that? Because apart from risk, there are many factors on which a successful business relies, and in the end, network marketing is a business. Remember that success is not an accident, and you have to strive and work hard for it. You also need to understand that this business vehicle has not always had the best reputation.

Therefore, in this section, we will highlight a few things that you have to keep in mind in order to succeed in network marketing.

1.     Choose the Right Parent Company:

One of the critical things that play a huge role in your success is choosing the right company. Don’t make the mistake of signing with a company just because the opportunity sounds exciting (like too many people). Keep in mind that it is easy to sell products and services you like in contrast to those you are not passionate about. Before choosing a parent company, try to learn everything about the company you are considering. Apart from offering a good range of products and services, the company should offer good training and support. Besides, it should have a good track record of success and ethical management. After you choose a company, make sure you stick with it long enough to succeed.

2.     Good Marketing and Sales Strategy:

Another deciding factor for your business is good sales and a marketing strategy. Businesses are very competitive these days and so is network marketing, therefore, always maintain a great sales and marketing strategy. To do so, you must have a good knowledge of your product and your target market.

Remember that you will have three products to sell, the first is yourself, people must trust and like you. The more obvious second product is the actual product from your chosen parent company. The third is a business opportunity by joining your network marketing.

Make different sales presentations and test them until you get the right one. The more exposure you have, the more potential for sales you will get. While doing all this, never forget your customers as you are here for them. Try to be the distributor that people in your area need you to be.

3.     Know and Hold on Tightly to Your Why:

At some point, your business will become hard. Like any other business, you will consider giving up. You can do like the majority of people, and simply quit your business, but I see it as quitting on your dream. If you focus on the “what” of building a network marketing business, it will lose its appeal. You must focus on the “why”, and your why needs to be something that tugs on your emotions.

Therefore, before starting your business, you must have a strong enough reason to do what others won’t do so you can have what others can’t have. Having a strong reason will help you to push through the hard times and you keep going. Remember, if you focus on helping others the burden of the work it takes to build a multi-million dollar multi-level network marketing business will seem lighter, easier, and more fun.

4.     Keep a Positive Attitude:

A positive attitude is like one of those saviors that save you without your knowledge. It gives you energy in the good times and courage to keep going in the bad times. Having an energetic and positive attitude will make it easy for you to survive in hard times. Normally there is a lot of rejection in businesses, especially in the beginning.

However, an optimistic attitude will help you to succeed in spite of the negativity you face. Once you start network marketing, promise to yourself that you will not quit until you succeed, no matter what happens. Use all your failures as learning experiences to get better and never allow them to damage your positivity and self-esteem.

5.     Learn to Preserve Relationships:

One of the main reasons why network marketing has a bad reputation is salespeople. No one wants to buy from an unfriendly salesperson with a bad attitude. Besides, salespeople try to pressure friends and family to buy from them, which becomes really annoying at times. Therefore, never give money preference over your relationships.

Your relationships should come first. If your friends and family are a great candidate for your product, only then sell to them. And if they don’t want to but respect their decision. Remember that your friends and family are not liable to buy from you; therefore, don’t force them. Try to succeed on your own, and when you succeed, people will ultimately want to buy from your company.

6.     Develop a Growth Mindset:

As a businessman, you cannot flourish your business without a growth mindset. Try to learn new things and the latest technologies that will be beneficial for your business. All these things can become a great asset for your business and will help your business to flourish. Learn about network marketing.

There are thousands of books available on network marketing, sales, self-development, psychology, and business management. Read them. It can help you to develop marketing skills. Besides, you can also find a good mentor from the industry to learn some real experience tips and tricks. Try to learn from your up line or from the person that has introduced you to network marketing. Lastly, you can also take courses on digital marketing.

7.     Use Social Media for Growth:

These days’ social media plays a big role in the success of any company. Therefore, try to use social media to your benefit to increase your sales by getting new customers. For businesses like network marketing, social media is a great way for soft sales.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, it has much more scope and wider reach. Besides, it is not like physical sales. Therefore, your prospect has complete freedom to either choose or ignore your sales pitch without any awkwardness. Besides, they are also to free your offer in private before coming to a conclusion.

Network Marketing is a No-Risk Business

For network marketing, you don’t have to invest a huge amount or all your time. With a minimum investment of $50, you can keep going and have complete control over your time. These are the main reasons why people claim that network marketing is a no-risk business. However, no risk doesn’t mean that you will succeed in it.

You still need to work hard and grab all the opportunities coming your way in your journey. We have mentioned a few tips which can help you to succeed in your network marketing business, but if you want weekly motivation follow my Facebook Page.


What are the disadvantages of network marketing?

The major disadvantage of network marketing is the rejection that inherently comes with trying to find prospects for your growing network. Without training and guidance from a skilled mentor and motivator, a new business owner may find the rejection too much to handle, and quit before reaching a level of confidence or success that would make the initial rejection worth it.

What type of business is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a business that uses the personal and professional networks of their independent distributors to move products, rather than rely on a specific location, building, or store. Typically it involves face-to-face interactions and relationships for distributors to maintain their networks.


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