Is Network Marketing the Next Paradigm?


Since the advent and wide use of social media, networking has gained momentum. People are beginning to ask if network marketing the next paradigm shift? Considering that networking is a huge trend in the form of Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, or friends on Facebook.

But the question is while networking is prevalent and important, should we really monetize or make any money using our personal and professional networks? The answer to this question is: networking has always played a crucial role in our lives, and moreover we should not be afraid to make money sharing deals, great products, services we love, or ideas with our networks.

A New Way to Look at Business

Consequently, this train of thought leads to the idea of some sort of network marketing or another. In the past, people were not ready to accept it as a business. However, nowadays, most people show some level of interest in it. Many are beginning to actively ask questions like should we invest our time and effort in it or not? As you may or may not know, a multi-level marketing program is much like direct sales with an up-line mentor and guide that can show you how to best sell the business productline.

If you are interested in finding out more, continue reading the article. We will explain in detail all the reasons I believe network marketing is the next paradigm.

Network Marketing and the Paradigm Shift

Network marketing is defined as a form of business opportunity for people interested in part-time, flexible business. When you look around, you will encounter numerous successful companies falling under the umbrella of network marketing. You don’t need a large sum of upfront investment in this business. Therefore, with only a few hundred, you can start. Besides, it can give you a chance to directly sell your products or services to your friends, family, or other personal contacts. Moreover, it can also ask you to create your own sales team and recruit your people. Thus, you can generate income with the help of these programs.

Did you know that you can also get compensation for recruiting other people? Is not it just great? For its growth, it depends on the network of distributors. Generally, there are three strategies to make money; lead generation, recruiting (as we have mentioned above), and lastly, management.

Advantages of the New Network Marketing Paradigm

Since we have shed light on what network marketing is; I am sure there is less confusion in your mind. However, many people question why and how network marketing is the next paradigm. But once you look at the benefits or the advantages it offers, you will surely get convinced about its power.

The main benefits of Network Marketing Are:

1.    Cost of Entry:

In general, when we think of starting any business, we knew that it requires a lot of start-up investment. Most of us back out even before starting or trying anything. However, in the case of network marketing, you don’t need a large sum of money. With a reasonable investment, you can start your business. The amount should be enough to buy a few product samples and cover your training. Then you are all set. It is often referred to as a start-up pack, and you will get it in either soft or hard format. Due to the high demand for cloud systems, many businesses are moving towards cloud-based information; therefore, it is even easier to update and distribute information. Although the initial cost is low but still don’t forget about traditional costs, you will need to run a business.

2.    Flexibility:

There is hardly anything like flexibility in the traditional business world. However, this is not the case in network marketing. This form of business gives you a lot more control and freedom; what is better than working for yourself in a comfortable environment with your desired working pace and working conditions that best suits you. In this way, you can have complete control over how you can manage your working day. But always remember to have a solid process and structure in place; therefore, you can efficiently spend your time because it is very important to discipline your time so that you can use it efficiently.

3.    Income:

We all work to earn; there is no doubt about this statement. And if I said this is the biggest benefit of network marketing, then I am not wrong. Through networking marketing, you can have a chance to earn two types of income, either direct income or passive income.

As far as direct income is concerned, it is earned through sales of your products and services directly to your customers. Therefore, you must serve all your energies here, and it should be the center of your focus because you will earn a large portion of your income from here.

Passive income is the second stream of income that will generate from your team members’ sales or the people you have gathered. In short, it is from the sales of all those people who work under your leadership. Besides, you will generate further passive income if your team members created their own teams and cease all the sales opportunities. Once your business grows, your passive income will also grow.

4.    International Business Owner:

To run your business in a network marketing case, all you need is a smartphone or a laptop, Wi-Fi, and a burning passion for winning. As long as there is an operational marketing company with these things, you can run your business no matter where you are. Is not it great? Now you don’t have to wait for a vacation to travel or to visit your parents. You can pack your bags anytime and can enjoy your vacations and work at the same time. You can meet new people and have a first-hand experience. There are not any restrictions you can choose any country or a province of your liking. However, wherever you decide to build your business, you will also benefit from building globally.

5.    Personal Branding:

No matter which profession or field we are in, there are certain things that we will learn only with time and experience. Therefore, if you are trained properly in this field, you will know that you are not a salesperson or a professional marketer. You own a brand, and you are representing your personal brand. In reality, you are branding yourself, your values, and what you think is right. And only those people who believe in your values and trust you will buy from your company. Therefore, once you are established in the industry, you will automatically become the community leader and help them voice their opinion. Consequently, it can also help you, and your success will become exponential, and it will never cap.

6.    Huge Tax Perks:

Another great benefit of network marketing that people can enjoy is its huge tax perks. However, not many people are familiar with it, and hence they tend to miss this one. But if you dig a little deeper, you will get to know some of the most amazing tax benefits that employees don’t have. Starting or joining a network marketing business is like starting your own home-based business. Unlike your friends, you work as an employee and have to pay huge taxes on their income; you can earn more than them and still enjoy huge tax advantages.

The biggest benefit is you can even deduct all your personal expenses like traveling, dining out, or car payment from your income before calculating taxes. Consequently, you have to pay fewer taxes. To simply state and employee earn, pay taxes, and then can spend remaining money. On the other hand, in the case of a company, it earns, then spends, and lastly pays taxes from the remaining income. 

7.    Like-Minded Community:

This may sound useless to many; however, if you have any experience working in an organization, you might understand how important it is to work with like-minded people. It is not easy to work in an environment where people are constantly against your ideas and way of thinking. However, when it comes to network marketing, generally, those people interested in it or have a passion for it join. Therefore, you will have a chance to work with people like you. You will end up with people of similar skill sets, goals, enthusiastic approach, and attitudes towards affiliate programs. Multi-level and network marketing is the next paradigm in business.

Is Network Marketing the Next Paradigm for Business?

Many people are still in jeopardy whether network marketing is still on trial or becoming a shift in paradigm. For more than half a century, network marketing has survived as a formal business model. And to your surprise, the underlying concept that keeps this industry going is there since the dawn of marketing. There are numerous educated, and successful entrepreneurs that have accepted and embraced network marketing as a valid and very lucrative option. Before digging further, let’s have a look at a few of the main reasons why many people fail at their first attempt:

  • They want to find an opportunity to get rich quickly.
  • They lack the commitment it requires to their business or a marketing plan.
  • Generally, instead of working, they spend time wishing and daydreaming.

Those Reasons Do Not Have to be Yours

These are the main reasons people fail, and thus they believe that there is no value in network marketing. However, in reality, if you try with a little passion, you will be able to see the vast sea of value it contains and the numerous opportunities it has waiting for you. If you ask anyone who is in the network marketing business for some time, you will hear one thing for sure that it is one of the best ways to build long-term passive income.

If you have ever used a product from a network marketing company and liked it, try to learn about their secret to success, and I am 100 percent sure it will blow your mind. You will be amazed by the business’s reputation, simplicity, and generosity of its compensation plan and the highly legitimate opportunities it presents.

There has been an assumption that a network marketing business is a little off-putting and not quite legitimate in the past. And obviously, due to this assumption, many people did not want to get involved or learn about the opportunity. However, with the vast use of media and the internet, people now have access to more information and accurate facts. As a result, we have seen a huge shift in people’s opinion about the network marketing business.

A Business that is Available to Everyone Equally

It is assumed that this business is only for those who have super sales abilities. But as we have a more refined definition and explanation of network marketing, people can understand that it is much more than selling a product. Therefore, it has completely changed their way of thinking towards network marketing. Ultimately, network marketing is becoming a new paradigm.

According to a recent survey (in 2020), there are more than 60 million people in the network marketing business throughout the world. Obviously, this number has increased over time; therefore, it can shed light on our statement that network marketing is a new paradigm. We need to change our way of thinking towards it and how we perceive the idea.

Tips to Achieve Network Marketing Success

There are high chances that, coming to this point, you are convinced that network marketing is the new paradigm. Besides, it comes with some of the best and excellent benefits that anyone wants to achieve. Therefore, if you are interested in this business and want to start your own, here are some tips. By following these tips, you can achieve success in the network marketing business:

●       Access Opportunity:

Those who access the right opportunity at the right time will get a chance to taste success. Therefore, continuously research your market to know when there is an opportunity available. You will be the first to grab it. You need to research things like your target community, expertise on board of directors, reputable people support them, etc. Never ignore a single or even a minor piece of information; you have no idea when that piece of information comes in handy. Find the answer to questions like what the business model looks like or how you get paid. When you strive to find your answers, you will get an opportunity to succeed in between.

●       Who Are You?

This form of business is very much similar to entrepreneurship. Therefore, it will shed an honest light on who you are. Moreover, as we have mentioned above, it is like personal branding; therefore, you should be aware of yourself. You should have self-awareness, self-motivation, and self-discipline. To have greater sales, you need people to believe in you and trust you; only then will they buy from your company. Consequently, you need to present the best of yourself, and your values and beliefs should be acceptable to other people. There is no overnight formula to success; you have to pave your way with your abilities, skill, and determination.

●       Get Results:

Many people ignore the importance of getting results. Just it is important to have a proper way you should be able to get results in the end. Otherwise, all your hard work and struggle will go in vain. The key to getting success in this business is that your first product should show results. Moreover, connect its result with the before and an after story. When you show consistent results, it shows your authenticity, and as a result, more people will trust you. Besides, you will get more testimonials and social proofs, leading to having more customers as well.

●       Relationship Skills:

There are many people who are naturally good with relationship skills. At the same time, another lot just don’t know how to do this. However, here you will need a lot of good relationship skills. Therefore, have an honest look at yourself and find your first impression or make friends first. Try to discover your relationship skills and at which level you reside. If you have good relationship skills, then it can greatly help you with your business. Remember, every person has their own risk, learning, and adaptability threshold. Therefore, they will show interest in your product based on these features.

●       Master Mindset:

Not only for this business but if you are able to master your mindset, you do anything for yourself in life. However, in this business, it is more heightened because you are dealing with so many people. Besides, there are also times when you are dealing with people in areas like health and wealth. Therefore, it demands a strong mindset to deal with them. Mastering your mindset can take you to a new level of self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-belief. Thus, you will be able to develop leadership qualities. 

●       Stay Accountable:

Lastly, always stay accountable to show consistent and good results. Moreover, it can help you to compare whether you have gained your desired results or not. Therefore, you can make a call to change your method or continue with the same one at this point. Staying oneself accountable can help you to keep on track and work towards your end goal. In case you want to be part of the top 1 percent business, this point can really help you. It is like a reality check that can give you an overview of where you stand and how much more you have to go to achieve your dream.  


What is the future of network marketing?

The future of network marketing is now beginning to be fully realized. Network marketing is the next paradigm because the internet has made it possible for many network marketers to leverage their skills, personal, and professional networks into very profitable businesses with little or no overhead.
Considering that the most successful businesses in the world have been built using the techniques pioneered by network marketers, it is business strategy that is here to stay.

Which is better job or network marketing?

A job vs a network marketing business is a question that has been asked by thousands of people. The answer is simple, both. Why? because each person is different, it is the same as asking which is better a spoon or a fork? they are both better at doing what they were designed to do, and worse at doing something different. The question is actually which is better for you, given your needs, skills, and wants. Owning a business, whether it is a traditional or networking business is a huge commitment of time and effort to learn and hone the skills and habits necessary to run a business.

Does Network Marketing Still Work?

Ask Facebook if networking still works. Facebook is completely built on the premise that people enjoy their personal network, LinkedIn focuses on people’s professional networks. Oh yes my friend, network marketing still very much works. It’s just that there are untrained, unskilled, and unscrupulous people representing network marketing as though they are the spokespeople for MLM.
While most companies are legit, there are some that are not. Look for a company that maintains a good reputation for years. But your primary focus should be finding a highly skilled mentor or leader (usually up-line) that can show you the ropes.
Independent network marketing trainers and coaches are also a tool that can help you get ahead of the 97% and become one of the 3% of very successful business owners.

Final Words

Network marketing is the new paradigm. It comes with numerous great benefits like flexibility, income, freedom, cost of entry, personal branding, and huge tax perks. If you are also interested in it, subscribe to our newsletter to never miss out on the latest information about upcoming shifts and the latest techniques to make growing a network easy.

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