How To Recruit Prospects For Network Marketing

Are you needing to recruit prospects? Multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing, can be a tricky business, mainly because it relies on an entire network of salespeople. Since the workforce is non-salaried and their income depends on a commission system, it can be complicated trying to get them recruited into the team. Why should they work hard to sell your product? What is in it for them? And most importantly, how will you persuade them to join your business? 

Be Sure You Are in the Right Frame of Mind

Before you start approaching people to recruit prospects, and asking them whether they want to join your company, it is essential that you know what you are doing. If you are not fully aware of where the conversation should go and what you are trying to tell people, it would be almost impossible to convince them. You should be in the right frame of mind before you try to recruit any prospects for your network marketing. 

Your Focus Should be on Helping People, Not on Your Own Success

Your mindset while trying to recruit prospects is all that matters. Are you focusing on making your sales and growing your business, or is your goal helping people? If it is the former, no one would care besides you. If it’s the latter, you’re on the right track. 

Focus on being a leader instead of just being a recruiter. The prospect needs to feel that you are trying to help them, and there is more in it for them than there is for you. Your genuine efforts to help them will show, and it’ll help you gain their trust as a guide and a mentor. Focus on your leadership skills while you’re trying to gather people to follow you and help you achieve a goal. 

When you recruit prospects, be honest with them but also try to focus on their goals more than your own. Instead of suggesting, “I’ll become a millionaire if you sell enough product,” try saying something like “you’ll be your own boss with a healthy income”, or something that puts the focus on them being successful, rather than you. 

Be Sure You Are Someone “You Would Want to Meet”

Practice self-reflection and continuously analyze your own actions. If you were in the place of your prospect, would you like to meet someone like yourself? Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and see what you can do to make their experience with you even better.

Would you expect empathy, generosity, or advice from them? What would you like to hear from them as a person who is struggling with finances or already has a job that pays well? Understanding what they need to know and hear from you will help you convince them to join you.  

Tell stories, the ones that put the prospect in the celebrity chair- about training, compensations, perks of the job, your products, upline, and downline. One of the most important and essential characteristics when you recruit prospects in multi-level marketing is that you should be excellent at storytelling. If you believe you have what it takes, use your storytelling skills to engage the individual with your business without sounding too pushy or desperate.

Sharing stories that are involved in your company help you expose yourself and your business to your prospects. This exposure is not a vulnerability but an opportunity to attract more and more people. It allows you to sound genuine and gives people hope that they could do something extraordinary by joining a person who is just like them. 

To Recruit Prospects, Stop Selling! Start Listening!

Most recruiters make the mistake of continuously talking and trying to sell. Before you do that to your next prospect, wait! Think about how fast you click “skip ad” on YouTube when it continuously tries to sell you something. Also, think about how quickly you scroll down an Instagram or Facebook ad because of the sheer amount of them and how blunt they are. “No, I don’t want to buy a bag of donuts for $9.99” (said no one ever, but you get the point!)

The bottom line is no one cares about a company that continuously tries to sell. Do not be that company; instead, start listening to your prospects and workforce. Talk to them, ask questions, and listen to their answers. Get feedback, listen to their stories, their problems, their struggles, their confusions. Be a hearing ear before you present them an offer. This way, you will sound much more genuine than somebody who knocks on a door and starts raving about a “life changing opportunity.” Worry about appearing honest and sincere more than you stress over making a sale. 

Focus on Your Prospect

Asking the right questions is a skill to be a good marketer, and you need to ace this technique. If you focus on your compensation plan, services, products, and how excellent your company is, there is a high chance that the prospectus will not be interested in listening to you. So, ask good questions and let them speak instead. Do not be too personal (you’ll scare them away because, honestly, you just met them), but try to get an insight into their minds and lives. Figure out what they’re having troubles with and what kind of solutions they’re looking for. Here are some questions to give you an idea: 

  • What are your dreams and goals in life? 
    • Where do you see yourself and your family in the next five years? 
    • Do you think making an extra income right now might get you there faster? 
    • Do you have a plan to accomplish it? 
    • Are you implementing it or taking any steps towards the goal? 

With the correct information, you can find the perfect way to present your opportunity. 

Make a New Friend First

Making friends and acquaintances and building relationships is all network marketing is about. There is no one way to recruit prospects, but personally talking to people and asking them to join you is best. The method that is more long-lasting and works better than most others is to develop a friendly atmosphere with a person first.

Do not be afraid to speak to people and get to know them. If you think your personalities match, build the relationship further and socialize with them. Keep in touch, become friends with them, and let the trust grow stronger. While this sounds like a serial killer’s master plan, believe me, it works excellent for networking. 

By being friends first, you also get to know the person very well. What they are capable of, their struggles, plans, and goals in life; you are familiar with everything without having to necessarily take an interview. And most importantly, they trust you enough to give you that information. As you interact and share more about yourself, they will naturally like you, trust you, and believe what you say. 

You can build these relationships and make friends online and in social gatherings. Use social media, groups, clubs, and different societies to look for people who have personalities similar to yours. Make a habit of socializing and looking for people that you can interact with. Besides, who does not like having good friends and a good social circle? Even if they reject your offer, you can still be good friends and support each other in all your ventures. 

Do Not Talk About Your Business Opportunity

Conversate and socialize with people but don’t get into business conversations immediately. Tell them what you do and who you are as a professional but do not talk about your business opportunities just yet. Talk about other things and let this subject dangle for a while. Once they are comfortable talking to you, you can go ahead and mention that you have an opportunity for them. Be very vigilant and careful about your timing and choice, and words. If it’s too early and too blunt, you might ruin the whole thing! 

Give your new relationship some time to develop. It could take weeks or months, depending on the person and how good your chemistry is. However, for some people, it might only take a few hours of conversation before you feel that it is time to make your offer. Some people have a very open mindset or a personality that clicks with yours. In both these scenarios, you can sense the environment and discuss the opportunity as appropriate. 

Find Out What They are Missing in Their Life

As mentioned earlier, when you want to recruit prospects, ask important questions and listen carefully to what they are saying. Find out where they are in life and what they think is missing. Figure out if they have any future plans and how they are planning to accomplish them.

Are they a student looking for college money? Are they an immigrant looking for a good income or a retired individual looking for something to do? Each of these individuals would have different priorities in their life right now. Thus, communication with each of them would be very different. 

Also, do not guess anything; don’t jump to a conclusion immediately based on how they look and how they talk. If they look like an immigrant, you might be wrong to assume that they need a job or a good earning. They might already be well-settled with a good job or a business. They could also be a local resident, for all you know.

Similarly, some students do not need college funds. They already have everything figured out, and just because they are a teenager, it does not mean that they are under debt. Making assumptions good make you look stupid, or worse, racist! The best thing would be to let them speak and take notes as the conversation proceeds. 

Offer to Help Them; Help Fill the Missing Part of Their Life (MLM is just the vehicle, not the thing you are offering them) 

When you know enough about them, and you think they are comfortable with you, now is the time to put in your offer. Offer them help and advice but do not force them into anything. Just tell them about the opportunity; explain what they are supposed to do and the purpose of the job. Also, remember that you are not offering a plate full of money; you are only providing them with a path to it. Your opportunity is more like a route for them than a destination. Make sure that both you and the prospect understand this. 

Often, your prospect misunderstands what you are trying to say, and this miscommunication can turn into a big blunder. Sometimes, candidates end up thinking that you are offering them a salary-based job and that you are directly responsible for their monthly income. This idea, however, is entirely wrong, considering what network marketing is really about. So, make sure that you make everything clear before finalizing a deal with them. 

Be Sure You Have Something Valuable to Recruit Prospects Into

Again, put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and think about it: are you offering something you yourself would be interested in? If you are a business selling meat to a vegetarian, how high do you think the chances are of making a sale? None. You must offer them something that is valuable to them and is appropriate to their lifestyle and needs. Similarly, when you offer someone an opportunity in multi-level marketing, you need to make sure that it is valuable to them. Only then can you expect a good response. 

Have a System of Success to Plug Them Into

It is important that you have a plan ready to be shared with your prospect. You cannot just go and tell them about the opportunity and let them imagine what they might gain out of it. No, it is your job to tell them precisely what they are supposed to do and how things are going to unravel. You should have a proper system in your business that you can plug them into, so they don’t have any doubts or confusions.

The stronger and simpler your system, the easier it will be to convince the prospect to join you. Plan before you approach the candidate and make sure that every question that might arise in their might is covered in your plan.

If you do not want to spend all of your time creating a proper system, use one that is works and is foolproof. Check out why the aaronjarrels training membership helps motivated distributors grow more rapidly and sustainably. Using a training program is one of the most important parts of recruiting a workforce for your business. 

What You Do Needs to Be Duplicatable

Duplication in multi-level marketing businesses means that whatever you do is duplicated by your team. It means that he will copy everything you do, including your actions and strategies. There is a very famous quote about this industry that network business is a business of “monkey see, monkey do.” And while it is funny, it’s very accurate.

As a business owner or recruiter, you must know that you are the role model, teacher, and mentor for everybody you hire. If your strategy is to recruit more people or make more sales, they will focus on doing the same. If you are quick at your job, they will establish a culture of speed in the company. So, make sure that what you are doing is duplicatable by your team and overall beneficial for your business. 

Is your speed realistic? What is your strategy to make more sales and gather more recruitments? What is your behavior and attitude towards your business and your work? How do you treat your downline? All these things play a part in deciding how duplicatable your marketing strategy is and how well your team will be able to replicate it. The more they imitate your positive actions, the faster your business will grow and spread further. 

Use Tools to Make Duplication Easier

Consider using an educational and motivational membership training program. Offered by some of the best mlm coaches, memberships can make duplication easy with a foolproof training system. Often offered as a course or membership, distributors simply plug in downline to learn the fundamentals of network marketing as well as rapid growth techniques, while staying focused on prospect recruiting.

The aaronjarrels training membership encompasses both a continually updated curriculum course with the benefits of a monthly membership. Check out the program here: the aaronjarrels training membership.

Be the Upline You Wish You Had

One more time, put yourself in the place of your prospect. Be the upline that you wish you had when you started marketing. Tell them everything you wish you knew and treat them the way you want to be treated. Be honest with them, and do not try to sugarcoat anything. Be transparent, genuine, and sincere with a prospect for three reasons: 

One, it is ethical to do so. 

Two, it will save you from any future confusions and misunderstandings with your prospect,

Three, it will help develop a bond with trust between you two, which will help you retain the prospect and allow your business to grow. 

If your hired employee or salesperson likes you and admires you, there is a higher chance that they will be loyal to your business and give it their best. They will also stick with you for longer, which means that you will have a better employee retention ratio and a smoother business. 

Give More Than You Ask From Your Downline

Speaking of being an ideal upline, employees are never fond of employers who demand too much from them but do not give them back enough. Do not be that employer.

Instead, focus more on giving back to your prospect instead of demanding from them. It will make the job less intimidating for them, and they will be more excited about it. An enthusiastic employee always leads to better, quicker results which is what you ultimately need. Plus, again, if they like you, they will be honest with the job and stick with you for longer. 

While you recruit prospects and you are trying to convince people to work with you, you need to give them something a conventional job might not provide them. Your biggest offerings are comfort and freedom. Give more freedom, benefits, and convenience to your prospect so that they prefer you over any other opportunity. Remember, your relationship with your prospect is about to give and take. It is your job to maintain the ratio between the two. If you give them more now, they will give you back more later. Join us on our Facebook Page.

Concept to Take Away: Be Sure You Are Very Knowledgeable About What You Are Recruiting People Into

Imagine trying to recruit prospects for a project you have absolutely no knowledge about. Imagine your prospects asking you questions, and you don’t have the answers. Make sure you have done enough research, planned everything out, and figured out a system so that you have the solutions to all their problems.

There should be nothing that you don’t know about your business and field, and you should be fully prepared for an in-depth conversation with your prospects. No matter what they ask, you should have answers. If you do not know, do not fake it, tell them you will get back to them.

Have a Clear Roadmap for Yourself and Your New Distributors

You should know precisely where you, your business, and your prospects are heading with this opportunity. The roadmap should be ready with all the milestones in it. You must have it simplified enough for your prospects to understand, but also, it should be valuable and exciting enough for them to be interested in it.

Your new distributors should not have any confusion in their mind when the conversation is over. Both of you should be on the same page and should have the same expectations from each other and for each other. Be honest, be transparent, but be enthusiastic about your plan. Tell them about the smooth parts of the roadmap and also the bumps and speed breakers. Communicate with them just how easy or complicated this journey might be. 

Make Success Easy and Attainable for Yourself and the People You Want to Help

Speaking of a complicated journey, don’t make it too complex. Make sure it is as simple as possible so people can understand, follow, and implement your strategies. By complicating the system and the plan, you will make success complicated and unattainable for both your prospect and yourself. Since you want to help them, that’s how you started the conversation in the first place; make sure your ideas and opportunities sound like it. If it is too lengthy, risky, or complicated, that is a high chance that your prospect might not be interested at all. 

Do not be afraid to use a training membership to be sure everyone is learning and doing the same things to build their network market business.

Simplifying everything before, during, and after you recruit prospects, increases the chances of success and makes the project look simpler. If success looks achievable to you, make it look the same for your prospect as well. Despite the individual goals, your perspectives about success and results should be similar. 


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