How to Jump-Start Your Network Business Growth

Here are a few free tools I developed to help you jump-start your business.

There’s no doubt that networking is one of the most significant aspects of running a business. Take the time and effort to jump-start your business by focusing on networking. No matter how much effort and time you put into developing your business, all of it would go to waste if you do not have a credible networking mechanism. Several firms and business owners hire marketing firms to publicize their business, but if you have a strong network, you can get optimal publicity free of cost.

Therefore, we would recommend you to work smart and hard to make your business grow. While business networking and network marketing is based on an age-old formula of expanding your network by word of mouth, most people find it challenging to figure out where to begin. But relax, we have compiled all the information you need to quickly jump-start your network business growth.

The Importance of Business Networking

Business networking gives you the opportunity to present your business and the theme of your service to the entire world. It provides you a platform to reach out to people and show them what your business stands for.

However, since there is a lot of competition in the market with numerous businesses like yours, you need to make sure that your product or service stands out from the crowd. Business networking can certainly give you an edge in this regard, and we’ll tell you how.

1. Jump-Start Your Business with Uniqueness

You can’t stand out from the crowd if you do what everyone else is doing. Even if your business is similar to several others, you need to present it in such a way that it leaves a mark, and networking can surely help you with that. Since a lot of people have turned to marketing firms, network marketing has taken the back seat; however, you can use this technique to set your business apart from the rest.

2. Jump-Start Your Business with a Wider Outreach

There was a time when people ran successful businesses without social media publicity, TV ads, or big billboards. Word of mouth travels far and wide. People are one of the best ways to endorse your business since they know several other people, and when they talk about your business with someone else, they take their word for it. They will trust your services since it is being recommended to them by someone else.

3. The Dawn of the New Age

Social networking and the internet have created a new incredible paradigm shift in the way business is now being done.

Since we are talking about networks overall, considering how times have changed, and there is no harm in us using social media for our own benefit. The major social media websites have been profiting off of our networks for years. But it is becoming more mainstream now.

There are many influencers on Instagram who have earned a huge name for themselves, and they have the power to influence people to purchase things and make decisions. Therefore, it would help to form links or associations with this particular community as they will help promote your business like no other. You may even decide to build your own presence by branding yourself.

How to Jump-Start Your Network Business

Now that you know how networking helps in promoting your business, it’s time we told you all the ways to form better networks for wider outreach. Besides staying consistent with learning and teaching others, try these:

1. Business Events

Jump-start your business by knowing where to form connections. While it’s good to have a networking strategy, you can start right away by attending events related to your line of work. If you’re running a business, then you must understand the importance of such events and gatherings.

Going out for business events will get you in touch with the people from your field, and it will help you gauge the competition much better. It will also give you the room to form links with people who could help you take your business to the next level. No matter how small or big the event is, you must make sure to attend it.

If you’re new to the business, then you could start with small business gatherings and then slowly make your way to the gatherings hosted by the chamber of commerce in the industry of your city.

2. Having a Clear Goal

It always helps to have a clear goal in mind. You need to set your priorities straight as well. Having a clear plan will help you achieve your goal more quickly. Therefore, before you go out to socialize, you should plan all the things you need to do during a particular event.

For example, you could look up the people who are attending the event and find out the ways they could help you in establishing your business. You could also try to find out a common link or preferences with the people you want to collaborate with to gain their support.

3. Being Social at All Times

We might have advised you to attend all sorts of social networking events, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work around the clock. We understand how some people might find the notion of socializing all the time to be very draining and tiring, but you should know that it’s the extra effort that makes all the difference.

Therefore, don’t shy away from putting in additional effort and working on your time off as well. You need to go to hang out at places where the people related to the field come the most. Consider joining clubs or health classes and form social links with new firends. You could also form links at your child’s school. There is a networking opportunity everywhere you look around. You just need to be vigilant and mentally prepared to grab it.

4. Own Yourself

It’s extremely important for you to realize your worth and own it. You need to project and present yourself in a way that is warm, genuine, and confident. When you are networking, you are your brand, and you represent everything your brand stands for. Therefore, you need to be confident about your product and services to influence others to talk about them.

It’s never enough to tell people about your work, and you need to present it in a certain way that is sharp and articulate. Therefore, you should take as much time you need to create an elevator pitch for yourself that is worthy of everyone’s attention and worth being remembered. If you convince people to form links with you, they will convince others to work with you as well.

5. Knowing How to Converse

It’s not easy to ‘get in’ with the cool crowd if you’re new to the party. Therefore, you need to have some very good conversation openers ready for breaking the ice. You could begin with complimenting someone on something they’re wearing or tell them that you recognize them from somewhere. The key is not being afraid of being socially awkward.

There is no shame in introducing yourself by saying “I wanted to meet you, but I am not very good at meeting people, I never know what to say.” This usually gets a reply of “oh my gosh, me either, I’m always so uncomfortable at these things.” Just remember, you are absolutely not the only one there who is not in their comfort zone having to be so social.

The easiest way to start talking to someone elseis to ask a question, since it gives you a second to listen and others more time to talk about themselves and/or the work they do. Be sure to get out of youer own head, and focus on them and what they are saying, this will then give you lots of things to talk about, and by that, I mean ask about. You could then join in with information about yourself and your own venture.

Once you start talking, the conversation just takes its random course going to and fro on its own, and you don’t need to think too much about what to say after that. Therefore, you should always make a point to be the one who asks a question first so you can be in control of the conversation, otherwise someone may ask you something about yourself and you will be the one doing all the talking. 

6. Bring a Plus-One

It’s always great to have someone by your side so that you don’t look bored or socially secluded at a social gathering. Having a friend by your side can greatly help you when it comes to forming connections at social events. There are times when it’s much easier to be a conversation with someone if you have someone you know by your side.

It gives you the right amount of confidence to initiate the conversation. You could also bring along someone who wants to broaden their network as well, and both of you could provide each other the much-needed support as you expand your list of contacts.

However, you must remember to not get too comfortable with your plus-one, and both of you should make an effort to talk to others. You can even make a game of seeing who can initiate the most conversations, or join the largest group.

7. Learn to Open Up

We know that not everyone is an extrovert. All of us have our own distinct personalities, and we tend to open up at our own pace. However, your business requires you to make a sacrifice and learn how to socialize with people.

You need to bid farewell to your inherent shyness and mingle with people to connect with them. You could look up all the ways you could start a conversation, devise the perfect elevator pitch in your head and even practice it would happen with a few people before eventually trying it out at the event.

However, remember you are allowed to proceed at your own pace. If you, like me, feel drained after continuously interacting with people, then be sure you should take some time off and allow yourself to breathe. Plus remember, it’s only for a few powerful minutes you need to lead and be an example to others in your business. Feel free to excuse yourself as often as you need to go to the restroom, stroll alone, or get yourself a nice drink.

8. Make Long-Lasting Relationships

Your relationship is only as good as the length of time it lasts. If you really want to use your connections, then you must form long-lasting relations with others. Getting in touch with someone and getting in their good graces is just the first step. Because if you really want your relationship to become a long-lasting one, then you must be mindful of natural ways to follow up.

You need to find ways to stay in touch with people. This can be done by sending frequent work-related messages, inviting them to certain events you’ve heard of, or organizing your own event where you want everyone to simply come together. Following up on connections makes it easier to maintain beneficial relationships in the long run.

Be the one who is not afraid to pick up the phone and reach-out. We are often scared that the other person is not interested in us contacting them because we have not heard from them in a while, the truth is most of the time, we wish the other person would reach-out to us. So, be the awesome part of the group and take charge by being brave enough to reach-out to others.

9. Avoid Negativity

You must remember that no one appreciates negativity at all. You need to stay positive at all times, at least while in the public eye. Whether it’s about friends, colleagues, or your own work, you need to say good things about everyone as often as possible. It will only make you look good in other people’s eyes and they will be drawn to work with you.

Make it a goal to be the person that people say “I’m not sure why but I always feel better when I am around them.” If you make people feel better about themselves or make it easy for them to experience happiness or joy when in your company, you will become a very popular and contagious person.

10. Remember to Give Back

Most people tend to forget that networking is a two-way street. You take, and you give back. People who are successful in forming long-lasting relationships are there for others in their time of need. If you help others, then your relationships will get stronger with the passing time.

You have two hands, use them in the service of others. No one likes takers. Takers are those who always have their hand out asking but never giving in return. Always help whenever you can, and even force yourself to help when you can’t sometimes, it will pay off in the end.

In addition, be sure to offer help to those you see need it but are too afraid or embarrassed to ask. You will seem like a mind reader if you offer help to people that need it but have yet failed to ask for it.

11. Don’t Shy Away from Asking Favors

You are making connections to use them. Therefore, you must not shy away from asking for help when you need it. You need to stay focused and strike when the iron is hot. You must ask people for favors when you need them. The worst that could happen is they’d deny helping you, and the best that will happen is that you’ll get your work done. But the main point is that if you try, you’ll never know.

The most common misconception about favors is that if you ask a favor the other person may like you less. The fact is, that when you ask for a favor, the other person actually likes you more after doing the favor. It’s a matter of cognitive dissonance, (I’ll explain it later).

In addition, when they agree to do you a smaller favor first, it increases the likelihood of them agreeing to a larger favor in the future. A key thing to remember here is to ask for a small favor first that you know they will agree to, then ask for bigger and bigger favors. Just be sure you do not take advantage of people, return the favor when asked.

12. Form a Reputation

Your reputation precedes you everywhere you go. It is a small world, especially in business. You are only as good as your reputation. Therefore, you should try to be on your best behavior at all times. You should always maintain your sense of loyalty to your brand. People only form links with those they believe are trustworthy, loyal, and responsible.

13. Listen to Others

Networking for your business needs a proper strategy, and we have saved the best one for last. We’ve been going on about all the ways you can make your presence felt and heard in the industry so you can leave a long-lasting impression but what you need to understand is that you also have to listen to others.

You can’t keep talking about your work at all times because if you want others to take an interest in your line of work, then you should take an interest in their work as well. Others will listen to you if you listen to them as well. Like helping others, listening to them is a two-way street as well.


How do you jump-start a small business?

To jump-start your small business you need to focus on your network. You have heard it a million times, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Who you know will define your business in the beginning especially.
You need a mentor who can help guide you through the hurdles of expanding your business. Aaron Jarrels is one such mentor and coach be sure to subscribe to his newsletter and follow his Facebook Page.

How do you reboot a business for success?

You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your business before you can attempt to fix anything. I recommend the free Business Needs Assessment Tool from Broken Moon Media. It will open your eyes to areas of your business you did not realize are in need of focus and areas you are not capitalizing on. It is a simple way to jump-start your business.

Final Thought

A business can only flourish if it is supported by a strong network. Be sure to invest your time where it makes sense. If you want to jump-start your business and grow your network by plugging into and following my Facebook Page so you will never miss out on a free digital tool, technique, or insight that could take your business to the next level.


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