How to Attract People to Network Marketing

Are you in a network marketing business or want to start one? To build your business, the most important thing to know is how to attract customers. Starting your online business is all about putting yourself out there and being prepared to face rejections and bad responses. You may receive negative comments from your family and friends but do not let them bring you down. Once you get started, all these struggles will definitely be worth it. You just need to be genuine and hardworking. You will soon set a strong business and learn to deal with the ups and downs that come with it. In this guide, you will learn how to attract people to network marketing.

What is Network Marketing, and How Does it Work?

Network marketing is a form of marketing in which you are associated with a Multi-level marketing company, unlike affiliate marketing, in which you promote and sell a product to get paid. In network marketing, one does not promote the products in television ads or newspapers; rather, he markets the products through his network, which may include family, friends, and neighbors, etc.

Types of Network Marketing

There are three types of network marketing.

1. Single-Tier Network Marketing

In single tie network marketing, you work for a company to earn them customers or sell their products and services. You do not need to recruit others, and you get a fixed earning. The affiliated market is an example of it.

2. Two-Tier Network Marketing

In two-tier network marketing, recruitment is involved, but your sole earning does not depend on it. You get paid for getting customers or selling a product.

3. Multi-Tier Network Marketing

In multi-level marketing, more than two tiers are involved. So this type of marketing, you recruit others to build a network. In MLM, your earnings depend on team effort.

Why Network Marketing? 

Following are some advantages of network marketing 

Low Startup Cost: 

The perk of network marketing is that you can start it with little or no investment. In addition to that, there is a minimum monthly cost, and you get tax advantages,

High Earning: 

In network marketing, the team works together to sell a product or service. In other words, as your team grows, so thus your salary, and you get a promotion. This means, your earning does not only rely on yourself but your team. Your teamwork gets awarded by the MLM Company, and you also get to be recognized and travel around the world.

Enhances your Skills: 

If you are associated with the right network marketing company, you will get to develop many skills. You will learn about communication skills, public speaking, relationship building, leadership qualities, focus, and discipline. You get training that helps you grow personally and professionally. 

Changes your Mindset: 

In the network marketing business, you will work with people who will follow more possibilities. You will start to focus more on the solutions rather than the problem. So, you will get a positive mindset.

The Business of Family:

Network marketing is a family business. There are few marketing businesses in which you get the freedom of working with your family and friends.


A career in network marketing gives you freedom of time, place, and money. You can create your schedule for the day and work whenever you want to. In other words, you are your BOSS!

Ways to Attract People to Network Marketing

To get started with network marketing, you have to master the art of recruitment. The following tips will help you attract people to your business.

1. Set a CLEAR Goal 

Make your mind to get into network marketing. Determine not to give up no matter what happens. There will be failures and rejections, but once you make up your mind. You will have to develop social skills and overcome the fear of people. Once you make a firm decision, it will keep you motivated throughout your journey. You will have to be confident as you will be interacting with hundreds of people. Network marketing is all about extending your boundaries and putting yourself out there. When you set a clear goal, it is easier to push yourself to achieve it.

2. Give Yourself a Reminder

After setting a goal, the next step is reminding yourself of it daily. You may face hardships and rejection, but it does not mean that you should give up. When you encounter rejection, remind yourself why you started this and what motivation you have. Inviting people to network marketing is not that easy, and you need to be patient to develop a network. Do not be demotivated if someone rejects you. Whenever you feel like giving up, remind yourself why you started network marketing in the first place. This reminder will encourage you to work hard and fulfill your dream.

3. Plan for Recruitment 

It is important to set your mind to build a network of people. You need to look for people who are interested in building a business. When you join a company, there would be many things that encouraged you to do so. You may be inspired by their products, services, or mission. The same things work to attract other people. In the process of recruitment, you approach people, share the prospects and ideas of the company with them. It is not about forcing people but convincing them with your business plan. You provide them an opportunity to become an entrepreneur or work part-time and guide them. 

9 Ways to Attract People to Network Marketing

Form Friendships

Make new friends and get close to your acquaintance to develop your circle for network marketing. Put yourself out there and communicate with people to form relationships with them. You do not have to manipulate them into joining you for network marketing. You will just share your interest with them, and they will be naturally attracted to you. Making friends and building relationships with people is an important aspect of business development. For this purpose, you need to put yourself out there and overcome the fear of communication. The people you become friends with are usually the ones who share the same mindset with you, so they will effortlessly become interested in your business.

Develop a Good Routine

Develop good habits and a productive working routine. Take out time to do everything. Wake up, do yoga or exercise, eat healthily, and listen to motivation podcasts; doing these things will keep you positive and motivated. Always be on time to follow your commitments. Hold meetings to guide and help your team and attract new people. Connect with at least two people daily to grow your network. Do not waste your time and try to do something new and productive every day to build your business.

Listen and Ask Questions

Asking the right questions is important in network marketing. Asking questions and listening carefully to the answers will enable you to understand their needs and solve their problems. In network marketing, most people focus on talking about their company, ideas, products, and services. If you want to be successful, just talking about networking marketing and ideas will not be enough. Also, by asking questions, you get to know your prospects better to engage them in your business. Ask about their goals, dreams, and plan of life.

Become a Leader

Leadership skills are important in every aspect of life and so in business. When people join your network, it is your responsibility to guide them in every possible way. Do not just forget about people after they enter your network; rather, help them and teach them how things work. Leadership means rising by lifting others. If you become a good leader, your team will become motivated to work more. Be confident and take responsibility to be a true leader.

Be a Good Story Teller

This may sound dumb, but to build recruitment, you need to become good at storytelling. Being a good storyteller means being able to engage others in your story. These stories can be anything ranging from your success stories or business stories. You may think about why you need to tell a story. The answer is that stories enable you to emotionally connect with others. 

Do not Become DESPERATE

You need to set some boundaries when inviting people to your business. Do not be pushy and desperate for people to join you. The pushy behavior turns people off and repels them. Also, if you force people into your network, you may end up getting the wrong ones. The people who are attracted to your idea themselves are those you want. They will be more sincere and enthusiastic towards the business. Get used to people saying NO to your proposal, and do not force them into saying YES.

Learn to Face Rejections

Rejections are part of network marketing; learn to face them. Do not take rejections to your heart and be disappointed by them. Do not let a NO bring you doing; keep moving. The reality is that not everyone is made for your business, so you do not need to be worried; you will attract the right people at the right time. You need to keep working with perseverance and patience.

Be Energetic

Being enthusiastic and energetic is essential to attract people to your business. Having a positive and enthusiastic attitude will draw people towards you. You might have heard about the law of attraction and how like attracts like. Being optimistic and keen will enable you to attract people who have these qualities. Also, these traits will make people feel happy around you and get them excited to join you. In this way, you will attract more people to your recruitment. On the other hand, negative vibes will repel them away from you. You do not want to harsh attitude towards people or embarrass them (not even a little bit) to get them in your network.

Develop your Personality

You really need to develop your personality and set some principles. A man of principles is the one who is ethical and genuine. Do not fake anything in front of others. You need to be truthful and honest while presenting the products and services of your company to the customers or recruits. Never exaggerate anything as it will only make things complicated. When you sincerely believe in the services and products of your company, you will automatically attract people with your enthusiasm.

Tips to Attract People online

Online recruitment is the easiest as you can attract people to network marketing while sitting at home. Following are tips to recruit online. 

Know your Target Audience

You need to know the needs of the audience and the people you need to target. If you are fully aware of the problems the people are facing, you will be able to solve them.

Do not Rush

Use various online strategies to promote your business; however, do not rush. Evenly divide your tasks and do not overburden yourself.

Create a Website

Create an official website to let people get more information about your purpose and aim. A website is an amazing platform to enable people to know all about your business. You may also provide your email to let people directly connect with you.

Use Social Media

The power of social media cannot be underestimated. You can hardly find a person who does not use social media. With the help of social media, you can attract tons of people towards network marketing.

Create Good Content

Creating engaging content on the internet is compulsory. The better content you create, the more people are fascinated by your idea.

Keep Updating

You are well aware that the online world keeps changing. You must keep up with the new trends and updates.

Buildrecruitment Network Marketing Style

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Often the fear of having to become a highly skilled upline paralyzes new distributors. They think they must take on the sole responsibility for teaching their downline organization how to be successful. The simple solution to this the aaronjarrels mlm training membership. The education and training system creates an effective and foolproof way to allow upline and downline to duplicate their business with minimal effort. Allowing for a more rapid growth of involved networks.

Keep Training!

If you are serious about growing your network and business, you need to attract people to network marketing on a regular basis. It is not as difficult as it may seem. You just need training, and motivation. You can find both here. Subscribe to my FREE my Insiders Group below and get FREE EXCLUSIVE training and coaching content sent directly to your inbox.


How do you convince someone to join network marketing?

The answer is simple, become an amazing listener. Learn to hear when people are sharing the void they feel in their lives. Then it is as simple as sharing with them how network marketing can fill the void they have in their life. It may be a lack of: friends, money, self worth, feelings of belonging, close relationships, or even meaning.

How do you introduce your network marketing business?

You wait until the person you are talking to asks you why you seem so happy, content, relaxed, and satisfied. If people are not asking you about that, you need to change your mindset, you are probably anxious, nervous, annoyed, and frustrated. Trust me nobody wants to join a business team that will create more stress for them. Take a minute and realize what you have, calm down and wait to get excited to share it – after they ask.


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