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How to Motivate Yourself: Improvement Tips

Find effective rewards It can be tough to keep yourself motivated. Knowing how to motivate yourself is not always easy. You may have started off your journey with lots of motivation and energy, but eventually hit a wall. This is why it’s important to find effective rewards to keep yourself motivated. There are a few…

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Understanding Motivation

The Science Behind Motivation In order for understanding motivation and how the brain works with motivation, we need to look at what two related fields of neuroscience and psychology have discovered. Recently, neuroscientists and psychologists have established that we typically experience motivation when the neurotransmitter dopamine is released and travels to the nucleus accumbens (NAc).…

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Expectancy Theory of Motivation

What is the Expectancy Theory of Motivation? The expectancy theory of motivation was proposed by Victor Vroom at the Yale School of Management, in the 1960s. This theory suggests that an individual’s motivation is a result of a rational calculation. There is a measurable link between the type and amount of effort invested and the…

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The Motivation Master Key | The Master Key to Motivation

Motivation Master Key Do you wish there was a foolproof way or a “master key” that would allow you to motivate people? I mean a way to get them to energetically do what was in their best interest without having to be pushed? A magical motivation master key. Well, there is such a key, and…

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Why Perception Matters

What’s the big deal about our perception? I’ll explain why perception matters with a little analogy. You have probably been told that seeing is believing. It implies that we can trust what we see. Oh, I know with editing and special effects we cognitively know better than to trust something we see on a screen.…

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Do Beliefs Come in Different Kinds?

What are the 3 types of beliefs? There are three distinct types of beliefs. They are different and linked together. They affect each other in peculiar ways. For instance, our belief about the world is affected by our belief about ourselves as well as our belief about those close to us. Often, we can change…

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Self-Perception; A Closer Look at Who You Are

What is Self-Perception? Self-Perception is the image we hold about ourselves and our traits. Keep in mind, it also includes the judgments we make about those traits. So, this means in essence that self-perception includes two perceptual processes. The Two Perceptual Processes of Self-Perception Self-Concept Self-Esteem Think of it this way, your self-concept is the…

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Can Perception Be Wrong?

Is Perception Inherently Right or Wrong? Perception is very often misleading. Right or wrong is not actually an accurate way to measure perception. Because our perception is simply the way our senses assess what we see based on our perspective. If your perspective changes, you can alter your perception of reality. If we believe that…

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Can Thoughts Manifest?

Can You Manifest Your Thoughts? If you think something long enough, does it become real? It’s tricky, the answer to this is both yes and no. What do I mean by that answer? I am saying that if what you are thinking about is a physical object, then the answer is no. However, if what…

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Can Mindset be Changed?

Are Mindsets Forever? Or Can Mindsets be Changed? The best thing about mindsets is that they can be changed. They do not have to last forever. That being said, a fixed mindset is the most difficult mindset to change. Because it is a mindset that sits in a belief that things are what they are…

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