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Are Mindset and Mentality the Same Thing?

Mindset and Mentality There is a subtle difference between mindset and mentality, and it is this: Mentality is a mindset; as it is a way of thinking, but a mindset is slightly more than just a way of thinking- it is also a habitual opinion or attitude that affects thinking. The biggest similarity, besides both…

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Are Thoughts Real?

Thoughts The first thing to understand about thoughts is that thoughts are real. We really have and experience them. The second thing to understand about them is what we think about is not necessarily real. Not only can we not believe everything we think, we, in fact, shouldn’t believe everything we think. The third thing…

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Are Perception and Perspective the Same Thing?

Perception and Perspective Perception and perspective are not the same thing, they differ in the following way: Perception is the interpretation (or the understanding) we give circumstances and situations we experience, while perspective is the point of view we see (or come at) those things from. I think it makes sense to give an example…

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Are Beliefs and Opinions the Same?

Beliefs and Opinions The first thing to acknowledge is that most people don’t know what the word opinion actually means. It is not simply your random thoughts on a subject. An Opinion is not something to be held without factual supporting evidence. Without evidence to support a position, it is merely a guess, not an…

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Are Beliefs and Values the Same?

Beliefs and Values While often considered to be almost the same thing, beliefs and values are actually very different. The primary difference between beliefs and values is: Beliefs are assumptions or positions held by a person, while values are principles that guide the behaviors of the person. A person’s beliefs are an acceptance that a…

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When Work Demands Exceed Resources

The definition of Teacher Burnout has been one that was primarily believed to be a syndrome caused by prolonged exposure to interpersonal stressors on the job and characterized by: Overwhelming exhaustion or a sense of depletion Cynicism or detachment from the task of teaching A feeling of lacking in accomplishment or a sense of ineffectiveness…

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Do I Have Teacher Burnout?

Do I Have Teacher Burnout?

If you are asking yourself if you have teacher burnout it is most likely that you are a teacher, and you are experiencing some uncomfortable things. The first thing to recognize is that what you are experiencing may be stress, but it might be burnout. There are a few things you can ask yourself to…

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Is teacher burnout real?

Is Teacher Burnout Real

Teacher Burnout: A Real and Serious Problem If you’re a teacher, you’ve probably heard the term “teacher burnout“. And you probably know how it feels. It happens to nearly every teacher sooner or later. There are many factors, and they only seem to be worsening. It may be the result of long days at school,…

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Is Teacher Burnout Caused by the Job, or Something Else?

Why so many promising teachers leave the profession is a very often discussed topic in public education. To find an answer we must take a hard look at what is causing it. It is utterly discouraging to see so many dedicated educators make the decision to give up teaching. Exhaustion, despair, anger, and an overall…

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Recognizing Teacher Burnout

Addressing Teacher Burnout: Causes, Symptoms, and Strategies Teachers in the United States have a very restricted time budget to teach their students than educators in other countries. During the regular school day, they have far less time to assess their students’ work, collaborate with colleagues, and prepare lessons. They are left with a huge gap…

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