Month: July 2021

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Transform your limiting beliefs

How to Transform Your Limiting Beliefs

It is extremely important to transform your limiting beliefs. Now that you have identified some of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life. Find out how easy it is to change them. If you have not yet identified your limiting beliefs, start here: Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs, then come back here. Identification…

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The Peter Principle

Laurence J. Peter is credited as the developer of the Peter Principle. The Peter Principle is a concept that is related to the field of management. The concept was explained in a book titled The Peter Principle in 1969 by Raymond Hull and Dr. Peter. The book was written as a satire. However, it makes…

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Illusory Superiority

There has been more talk lately about illusory superiority. Let’s take a look at what it is and how to recognize it in others and even yourself. Just like all organs in the human body, the mind is quite complex. It is an amalgam of intricate networks that help to dictate and process your thoughts,…

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Comprehensive Guide to Affirmations

Affirmations-The Comprehensive Guide

The same is true with the use of affirmations. You do not need to fully understand them to implement them in your life. If you read over a list of sample affirmations for an understanding of what they are

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